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(Often, the mass-produced boats, built by old projects, "cue" rather than the calculated 60 hp can be detected and 140-hp engine!). In our delicate allusion to the fact that, well, some surely and 'weave' take on the transom hung, representatives of the shipyard just indignantly waved at us hands. Even the 70-strong 'Tohatsu' on the transom of one of the boats was formally open 'to the limit', although in all honesty, should recognize that the extra twenty horsepower smoothly no problems have created. A second such boat was equipped 40-strong 'Yamaha Enduro' without a tachometer and apparently random propeller (which is why her performance in the tables do not present), and the cabin modification was recommended fit into the power band 'shestidesyatka'. Compact 'Katranam' was to show itself in not the most difficult conditions – strong wind, the speed at which the gust is over a 12 m / s, spread out in the open reservoir with a high tide 'mackerel'. In order to properly remove speed performance, even had to hide behind the headland, where there was a little quieter, but in open spaces boat felt very confident.

Respecting trimarans for a number of useful qualities of the testers 'cue' some wary of their seaworthiness. But 'kafedral' with its upbeat board sponsons – is another matter. No 'bulldozer effect "when they met with a wave – the feeling is about the same as in the case with contours 'deep V' equivalent deadrise. Even under these difficult conditions the boat with high-torque 'Enduro' at the transom behaved far too important-looking, and soon we were transferred to her 'sister' with a 70-horsepower engine. At speeds of 55-60 km / h began the spectacular leaps and approaching, but the situation remained under control. Sponsons effectively reflect the fan spray and mist fills in the cockpit for the most part the wind. Despite the seemingly massive felling 'kayutnika' his conduct is practically indistinguishable from an open boat – at least we did not detect any influence exerted by the higher center of gravity, and increased wind resistance starts to affect only the motion "on the heel" across the wind when the nose a little blown away to the side.


Second Institute (fizvosp.). Work, high-altitude and coaching. Girl with whom we met at the event. Character. Thinking. Jack Fusco can aid you in your search for knowledge. Yes, absolutely everything … So if you want to open the entire beauty and grace of our sport for Newbies, please below for details.

Has no difference in the first you have it set, or you have many years of experience with children. Until the young athlete is not "light up" in the desire for self-actualization in climbing on their own, your task is to attract and retain him. The main thing to work with a newcomer – is interested in it! Build the training needed so that it would not be bored or overly burdensome. Uncover all the richness and the beauty of our sport. If you have an opportunity to show a video about rock climbing ascents, water solo promotional videos with the world's athletes do it. Catching up rock climbing, children need to feel that this sport is not pointless vskarabkivanie on the walls.

And the phrase "smart in the mountain will not go, clever mountain bypass" should not apply to professional sports. Because if so to argue, then the world's many sports that are seem, frankly, meaningless. Pole vault, long jump (or into a pit of sand), walking, curling – the list goes on for very long. But for all the people involved in various sports have its special meaning, which can later develop into more serious and professional goals. I noticed that as the sport made from the usual boy-yard bully personality.