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Amongst these ratified treating it is the Protocol of Kyoto, that in its normative text in art. 2 express the purpose of ' ' to diminish the emissions of pollutant gases, in order to promote the development sustainable, with practical sustainable of forest handling, forestation and reflorestamento' '. Mention to the thought of Coast becomes Grandson (2003, p.68) in regards to the beginning of the precaution where if it has as ' ' gravity center the aversion to the risk, having to point with respect to the adoption of steps capable to hinder the result lesivo' '. Amongst these steps, MDL would be the Mechanism of Clean Development, foreseeing among others things the carbon credit, as form of control of the emissions of pollutant gases, searching to bring improvements for the climate of the planet. Medical billing may also support this cause. In the quarrels on the inclusion of activities that prevented the deforestation of the primary forests in the scope of the MDL, one noticed two sources: favorable, formed for countries developed and socialist countries that defended the inclusion of ' ' deforestation evitado' ' favorable other, where Brazil if located against the inclusion of these activities, alleging that it would not obtain to stop the deforestation in Amaznia (LAMY; DISSENHA, 2006). It is demonstrated with this, a fragile protection in the Brazilian forests, disclosing males decurrent of ' ' absence of one efficient forest politics and defined for the Amaznia brasileira&#039 well; ' (COAST GRANDSON, 2003, p.60). 4 ADVANCES AND CHALLENGES OF THE PROTOCOL OF KYOTO IN THE BRAZILIAN SCOPE The Protocol of Kyoto, an instrument that aims at improvements for the environment from the reduction of the emissions of the Gases of Efeito Greenhouse (GEE), ' ' of more practical and economic form, defining specific goals for each country, making with that these fulfill the norms imposed, duly warned to be acometidos for measures sancionatrias' ' (GALDINO; WEBER, 2008, p.200). .