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And here we all gathered in whole, without missing anything. L. Pavel: Can you tell what is the essence, here's one two proposals – what is the point? Demidov: We are all complement each other. We are tied in a single unit, as a single mechanism I would give such an example – a symphonic sound. All of humanity – a symphonic sound of some amazing music, where each person is very important for each other. Contact information is here: e-Bay. Because there is no music-natsistok. Here is the note – it is Nazi, or is it racist, it is impossible, it is prohibited. There is no music, they should be, right? In the same way and in humanity: not racists, not the Nazis.

All-all-all the people, as if I they have not treated (or some person of one ethnicity would apply to a person of another nationality, loved or hated, it does not matter) – if you suddenly unfold and realize all the people that we are absolutely tied in a single organism, then it will be here is now a happy state of connectedness and freedom and eternity. L. Pavel: Emptiness lost, meaninglessness? Demidov: Once it becomes clear why the general was needed void, it becomes clear why, how good she was, this emptiness. L. Pavel: Why? Demidov: It becomes even feel sorry for that emptiness was so small! Would need it to be huge, then it could be in it, inside it to understand much more. Do you understand? And if people are asked to explore this side of our reality, then they could feel how important it is that here are our that happens to us how important it is to use them as tools.