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The Right

_ Clear you feel I have to do everything, above work, I see the children and I do everything that is required for the House. You’re a shameless! _ Who you think a King to which I have to attend. Meanwhile, Jorge, already angry and annoyed so much demand and surely answers to her requests from these feelings of frustration: _ I do it right now, and of course that never comes that moment. _ You’re a controller and I have already tired. _ To force want to make things in the moment in which you say.

_ The truth is that neither wanted to give me from reaching the House because you’re always in a very bad mood and giving orders. Both spend it very badly. The two are engaged in their position and are not able to provide a solution to their problems. More than the problem of who is more or less co-operative, a power struggle that does not meet to be called by its name it seems. The problem in this little story is neither Esther nor Jorge are able to focus to resolve a conflict, on the other hand, are full of rage and anger because they can not make the other change. Esther needs your help, but his request is shouting and disqualifications.

Jorge perhaps, not willing to help her because she uses those tones and then passively the prefers not to do so and shows it with their actions. How you participate actively each of them to find themselves in that situation so punctilious? First: none is capable out of his trench and try to understand what your partner you this asking for or what you need. Both they think that the other must change to make the right thing, the right thing. Second: neither Esther nor George is aware of personally happens them when your partner behaves that way so discourteously.