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It is paradoxical and unacceptable that While this area he claims water problem solutions by flooding, i.e. by excess and cries about it, that the only thing achieved is to increase its flow, missing it, other nearby regions such as the departments of la guajira and cesar, the problem is by default, to the point of having to implement irrigation districts to exploit agriculture and ensure water sources of consumption towards the future. Even today many municipalities of the same departments lack the precious liquid to meet the demand. For all this and so forth, is necessary to create the interior of the new entity, a Social management at the level of Secretariat that takes care of designing a model of regional development based on an integrated production process, in which study the quality of the territory and natural resources such as water resources, agriculture, tourism among othersthen a result analyze what you can produce, implement and consolidate, allowing employment generation on a large scale, as well as alternative to address the marginalization and poverty that today he whips them. Justification for proposals development and economic sustainability in time contrary to claims of the enemies of the project on the unsustainability of the new Department, before the scarce asset which would make it self-sufficient should be noted that strengthening, appropriation and the realization of these, is a commitment that must assume the entity already made, and to which must in its organization and administrative structure guard that operating costs do not exceed the requirements Since the beginning of its establishment. But, to quiet those who aspire and want a failure of the project by secondary factors, we must tell them that those who lead this project are not alone, that we will create a consolidated team to take advantage of development alternatives that can be deployed to this region rich in natural resources and have demand in the market, both nationally and internationally, in the short, medium and long term.