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Brazil People

However exactly with these incentives the decentralization, the economic power continues if keeping in the same place, the Southeast continues being the Brazilian industrial polar region. This concentration makes with that there many people search better quality of life, increasing the demographic density of the region thus bringing diverse social and ambient problems. The increasing urbanization demands more spaces to construct the housings, and when it does not have this space the people finish for opting to live in risk areas, as much for them how much for the nature. It has a bigger necessity of ways of locomotion, a bigger production of good, the pollution of these urbanizadas areas tries to increase and other diverse problems that are derived from the urbanization uncontrolled in Brazil. The problems in the Brazilian field are several also, the people are leaving the agricultural areas to search a more comfortable life in the cities, having that this form to buy its foods and what they need, when before they could produce to survive.

Another question is the large states that have as base the plantation for exportation of products and still the extensive areas of cattle creation, that they explore the land to the maximum, leaving many infertile areas total. Remembering still the deforestation and forest fires, pollution of the natural elements with the chemical use of agronomic and too much elements. Quarrels still exist on the relation between the population growth and the exploration of the natural resources, but in the truth it is production system, that is, the economic system that demands the resources more than, since populous countries exist very and that others of the same population transport do not attack the environment in such a way when, but that it has a based economic system in the exploration of the natural goods.

The developed countries less take as development example the countries of first world, those where the people are total submissions to the market, the consumerism without limits is what it conducts the social relations, the exploration of the nature is the base for the economic growth. But we know that the resources will not survive to be continued in this rhythm, many natural elements already are scarce and having that to be substituted by others, many species had left to exist, many areas present high levels of pollution and ambient degradation. At last, we have in mind that this system is simply unsustainable. This makes in them to think that still it is time to revert this situation and that we must have in mind which are the limits for the exploration of the resources, leading in consideration the fact of that we are all above all part of this natural way, we will suffer with the consequences that our actions to cause.

Official Representative

Its wife Justina Maria is the Vice-queen of the Congo, that was chosen by integrant by its devotion to the group. It takes care of sings of it, the care with the flag that is symbol sacred, and of some details that go appearing. very important to cite and to describe on the Family of Mr. Jose of the Ernestina because the devotion of all is very Strong. This cultural patrimony, not only of Jequitib nor of Mines, but national, already touched with its row for ten a thousand people in the Sesc Pompia in So Paulo, already Culture of television in the program was presented in the Net Reporter Echo, already it travelled for some cities with diverse groups in the State of Minas Gerais, in Macei Al, the Educative Net of radio and television through the presenter and folclorista president of the Commission Alagoana de Folclore, Prof. Omega 3 follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. material necessary Frank Ramilson constantly registered by Eliezer Teixeira in Jequitib (folia of kings, row, congado, etc). Today Mr.

Jose of the Ernestina and the Official Representative of the Congo in Minas Gerais, heading that brings Honor and Joy to the City of Jequitib ' ' Mining capital of the Folclore' '. This citizen, respected in its representation, proud it registers in its resume, the headings: King the Congo of the State of Minas Gerais. Congado captain of of the guard of congado of the Santssimo Sacrament of Jequitib Capital miner of the Folklore. Master of the folia of kings of Jequitib. For even more opinions, read materials from snoring mouthpiece. Master of the Folia of Is Sebastio de Jequitib. Master of the Folia of Ours Lady of the Rosary of Jequitib. Master of the Folia de Santo Antonio de Jequitib, Master of the Folia of Is Geraldo de Jequitib, Master of the Folia of the holy ghost of Jequitib, Master of the folia of Is Miguel de Jequitib, Master of the Row of Jequitib, Custodian and Quack, Violeiro, Cantador and Danador Folclrico.

Sustainable Development

Thus, one concludes that the strategy of development by means of the implementation of one water politics in the Cear has brought improvements in some aspects, endowing the infrastructure state bigger, organizing the management process and accumulating knowledge scientific technician and. To put, still has much that to be carried through, over all in what it says respect to the magnifying of the small workmanships of supplying, despoluio and dessalinizao, what it would favor the access to the form water to salutar for the low income populations. Therefore, if it makes necessary a bigger democratization of the access to the water, by means of the adoption of compromised public politics more than they lead to the adequate hdrica management as essential condition to the social survival and productivity. BIBLIOGRAPHY AMARAL SON, J. of. Structural reforms and economy politics of hdricos resources in the Cear. $fortaleza: IPECE, 2003. CEAR.

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Geography and Science

Geography is the science that studies the space, also describes its formation and its transformations. In this way, it searchs to tell to the geographic space and the relation man-nature, relating society and nature. Thus being, it describes landscapes, relives, hidrografias, populations and cultures, that is, it works with natural and human phenomena. The area of performance of geography in the contemporaneidade was extended sufficiently, therefore at other times the gegrafos were limited to especially act it come back to the studies of physical phenomena of the surface of the Land, with passing of the years Geography extended its field of performance, developing research that had as object a great number subjects that said respect to the man and the space, as will see in elapsing of this article. Today, the gegrafo has each time more options in the work market, either it professor, bachelor, researcher or acts more than in one or these fields, since that is perfectly cabvel. The technological advances that had propitiated the modern equipment development to be used for the gegrafos, the example of: software sophisticated for elaboration of maps, that count on the aid of satellites and radars to facilitate and to perfect the collection of data, much collaborated so that the market if still more opened the geography professionals.

Space, Work And The Creation Of The Underdeveloped World

The society is the object of study of geography from the moment where the study of the space each space is also the study of the society therefore is a society with proper traces of a certain landscape (what our eyes can see). The relations of work in the capitalist society also are something that deeply was transformed, many think that the current form of relation man-half is something that always existed, however is implicit that under the capitalism the work subordinates it the capital, thus, the relation man-half if it became a relation of constant production and of commerce, impregnating a thought where the man and the nature alone exist for the capital and its accumulation, has it notion of that development is the accumulation of capital and of that work is the more-value production, these are the causes of the loss of the affection for the space. In such a way, the notion that we have today on the concepts of development and subdesenvolvimento concepts bred to leaving are extremely great powers of the time, mainly European England and other countries leave in search of to discover new lands in the planet and is what really they make, taking until the peoples of Asia, Africa and America moments of death and terror, making solid the space spalling. This relation, in first place, assumes the form of a shock between two worlds, between two social systems, two histories and different moments of organization of the social life. As we can perceive, the maritime expansion also expands the European culture for the world, a dominadora culture, with its proper techniques and an increasing search of expansion in order to search raw materials, markets for its products, enslaved man power, etc the notion of subdesenvolvimento in the truth is something created from the moment where the dominant nations if> development, those that lived well according to its culture extremely pass to if becoming dependents of the European, proper parafernlias of a called system developed and socialized. .