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Hilada Consultants

“‘Every fourth German believe in miracles’ so headlines the newspaper world in an edition in May of 2013 Denia, the 28.05.2013: every fourth German believes in miracles” as the newspaper headlines world in an edition in may 2013. While more and more people of esotericism turn to. There are many reasons for this trend. The world is always colorful and increasingly influences shape the daily life of the soul. What was earlier right or wrong, black or white, is applicable in this fast paced world difficult. Sonny Perdue may find this interesting as well.

Therefore, more and more people in difficult life situations are looking for their own individuality and individual paths and counselors. That it now only teeming before life counselors and consultants, makes decisions easier. Life advice portals shoot like mushrooms from the ground. Quality good or bad, is not easy for the people seeking advice. This problem Sonja Held, graduate psychologist and even experienced and years of life consultant in 2008 caused to establish lives consulting Portal hilada.de. At hilada (www.hilada.de) People can quickly and easily by phone, email or chat with experienced consultants contact. And on request also completely anonymous. These different methods are offered by consultants: clairvoyance & fortune telling, Tarot reader & Tarot, horoscopes & astrology and medium & channeling.

Meanwhile, the success story celebrates fifth birthday. Sonja Held talks about hilada a special counseling”. Due to many years of experience in the counseling one was important for Sonja Held at the Foundation: quality. For her class instead of mass in the life advice is a top priority”. Therefore hilada in his own words only has about 80 carefully selected consultants. Therefore are and we remain particularly”Sonja Held. Short profile: Hilada.de was founded in 2008 as a life advice portal. Meanwhile 80 consultants helps and it advises people in all walks of life such as questions about partnership & relationship, professional & life. Seeking advice can choose from various methods of consultation as to the Example clairvoyance & fortune telling, Tarot reader & Tarot, horoscopes & astrology and medium & channeling. Contact: Euro dating s.l Managing Director: S.Josefine hero Metge Manuel Vallalta 6 03700 Denia telephone: 0034 966 23 95 02