Saavedra Fajardo

Genuine growth is a long and slow process with many ups and downs. Learn more at: Raymond James. It is much harder to change than to remain equal. It is more difficult to try the excellence being satisfied with mediocrity. In every step of the way there are obstacles of some kind, from both external circumstances and other people, as the internal self. When something happens to us, the only thing that really is in our hands is our attitude toward what happened, things affect us by what we think, say and do about them. We see people that many things happened and is able to overcome them and overcome.

In all cases, we note that the key point is action, not only is thinking about what happens to us and as concerns us, is that we do this, as we continue to act, us developing, improving, helping others. It is to follow. What we do is very important, but it is also as or more important how we do, the attitude that we assume when we do things. There is no comparison between doing something with enthusiasm and joy, and do so without enthusiasm or joy. If we did everything with enthusiasm, would not exist boundaries to express elevated levels that we could achieve.

Enthusiasm generates power. A person with enthusiasm can overcome laziness and seek the wisdom and reach higher spiritual levels. (Jojmah Umussar, Vol.2, pag.172) 1 things and people are what they are, not what we want them to be. If looking at someone or something you expect to see something wrong, it is likely that whatever you find. If you are searching with determination what is good, you will eventually find it. This applies with oneself, others and life in general. With regard to oneself must first know us, who we are and that we are able to. Shortly we were able to develop our potential, because we don’t know our potential or that deceive us wanting to be someone we are not. You have to set goals and develop them continuously, little by little, thus we are achieving progress to intellectuals so much higher levels, physical, moral and spiritual. A person who is always cheerful, triumphs (The aleph-Bet book), also the happiness is not live, but know how to live. No more lives which most lives, but which lives better, because life does not measure time, but use that we make of it. (Diego de Saavedra Fajardo) The lack of happiness can affect health, as there is a wide range of psychosomatic diseases caused by undesirable emotions, such as sadness, worry, envy, anger, excessive anxiety and depression., panic.With happiness can give life to a person. A person may be in a terrible agony and not be able to express what is in his heart if your you approach him with a happy face, and you can encourage him these literally giving it life (Najaman Rabbi of Breslov) is very broad can say about happiness, of the attitude toward life, are abundant the variables that they come out of our control, however there is much that depends on us, what can sow, share, learn, teach, dream, make, love, give, receive, change, improve, in other words, learn the importance of knowing how to live.