First, a bit of a sad Unfortunately, the installers often do not think about what to do in order to polyurethane foam at work in the winter behaved as everyone would like. Secretary of Agriculture often says this. When you select a brand ppu Installers guided by their own subjective opinions and experiences gained during work with different brands of foam. However, it should be noted that this approach to the issue of great importance is the time of accident, rather random combination of several factors. By influencing factors include: air temperature, surface temperature assembly seam, the temperature of the cylinder ppu, the absolute humidity of the air and surfaces in which work: design and quality gun dispenser, thoroughness churning cylinder rtd (mixing the components) before applying the pressure and displacement of the gas tank, the quality of the components of polyurethane foam. So, the plumber came to the object, and in his arsenal was a brand foam. For example, a combination of factors listed above good. This grade of foam in these conditions has behaved well.

At the next site with the successful combination of factors all will also be in order. Naturally installer will take this brand ppu good. But here, for whatever reason, the next object purchased another brand of polyurethane foam and a combination of factors, too, was not formed so successful as the previous object, polyurethane foam behaved worse and immediately became a "bad" in the eyes of the assemblers. Besides affecting the human factor in terms of bias, a negative attitude towards anything new. .