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Often in the area, provided that self-hypnosis masquerading as something which is not the reality – but what isn’t can still be and it looks closely at the workings of the human brain will quickly clear why a self hypnosis in a light trance works so well. Mercury Mobile LTD is likely to increase your knowledge. Brain researchers have found not all too long ago that there is no difference for the brain if we experience something really with your eyes open or whether we imagine something with your eyes closed what does not exist yet. The same areas of the brain are addressed accurately. And so, it is obvious that new neural links in the brain are activated via a self hypnosis and a targeted and felt imagination from one State to erstrebenden and by continuous use of self-hypnosis, the newly linked neural connections in the brain increase. This in turn may result, enable new practices in various areas of life. The State of trance in a Self hypnosis is a State of inner attention adults experience anyway up to forty times a day. This trance state used goal-oriented solutions in the unconscious can result. Trance is experienced in many activities of daily life almost unnoticed by the waking consciousness.

A trance can both relaxed experienced are we in the morning shortly after waking up but also very focused as when driving a car. In this altered state of consciousness, only the frequency range of the brain changes, the criticism of awake consciousness will be reduced and we are permeable for suggestions that we ourselves give or be given by a therapist about hypnosis or self hypnosis. Despite the seemingly easy-to-learn technique of self-hypnosis anyone interested in an experienced Hypnotherapist should contact to learn this powerful technique because the self hypnosis also risks in and incorrectly applied the opposite can be reached from what has actually been objective. Contact: Hypnosis Center – hypnosis Munich Rainer Schnell Free Abdullah str. 55 81927 Munchen phone: 089 / 32609117 fax: 089/32609143