More Mileage – Less Kilograms With And Beurer

Unique action of Beurer and DeinSport helps more sporty and become slimmer, this is new: the “Yo-Yo effect” with weight loss is something positive. Kilo up – pounds down always beautiful in the Exchange. Of course, there is no catch. You must define the kilos just right: kilometers up and down kilograms. is once again as the motivation platform for active by itself talk. Beurer together with the company manufacturer of advanced weight management system WM80 currently runs the action “More mileage of less kilograms”. With the feature “Weight control” and the best sports diary on, losing weight is really fun.

The perfect documentation of his fitness data and sporting activities, as well as the clear graphical evaluation support the health-conscious active in his intentions. Achieving even stage targets reason already on the way to the ultimate goal of defined to the joy. Step motivated you closer to his ultimate goal. At the end, the victory not only wait about his own son of a bitch, but also nice gains on the participants.