Thus Gienandt continues also statements made by experts of working and organisational development, recommending just audiovisual media as important complement of learning concepts. “The training videos by LinguTV increase also the General motivation: dramaturgic sophisticated stories and recurring characters make you want on it, stay tuned on the learning”. In addition, the extensive online enables interactive exercises and social network community “functions such as learning groups. Older how young people learn proven in social contexts even better”, Philip Gienandt added. That language learning brings positive effects for the elderly is also scientifically proven.

Dr. Gitit Kave, researcher in the field of education and neuro psychology at the Open University of Israel, found out, that multilingualism significantly with good spiritual condition of man correlates”, regardless of the level of education. “It brings the result of its investigation to the point: learning a new language can be just as well.” More details and free demo lessons under. About LinguTV: Innovative language training platform offers professionally produced training videos that show in authentic situations, how native speakers use the respective foreign language in the context. Realistic dialogs provide relevant vocabulary, the correct pronunciation and also special cultural features of communication. The audio visual learning will enable through an extensive online range of learning tools, interactive exercises, as well as individual learning reports and learning groups complements a multimedia and individual design of language learning, educational games.

The many internationally award-winning concept of LinguTV among other things awarded the Comenius EduMedia seal and of the British Council nominated oriented to the requirements of an efficient operational training and has been optimized for the use in companies and educational institutions. The E-learning offer is very modular and flexible and allows a modern language training regardless of time and place.