Google Adsense

Unlike a blog, the content of a website, normally not is organized by date. In a website you have more control over the layout of your website, you can handle the background, colors, column, etc. In a website you can also publish information on experiences and personal issues, but is commonly used in a more commercial manner. Sell products, useful information, advertising are some of the reasons why a website is created. There are two ways to create a web page: 1) free round is free, pages, accommodation but all with certain limits and do not get a proper name for your website. It is not recommended if your desire is to make money because their addresses tend to be very long since they include the name of the page that offered you to create your website for free, and this does not have a high level of credibility of the visitor.

2) Includes payment purchase: 1) own domain 2) hosting plan or web hosting all could go for less than $ 15 in total. Learn more at this site: PJ’s Coffee. You have own domain with a hosting plan and the unique name that you want for your page this live and available to the whole world. Which is the more you agree, blog or website? I recommend having both. You can create a website on a single topic and that web page complement it with a blog. This increases the popularity of both and the traffic is greater. You decide, but it is the best option. If you insist on a single project, you can choose one of two options. A blog to something more personal and interaction with people.

A website for a project that involves creating different sections around different themes. Both are very good for making money. You can make money from Internet with the famous Google Adsense advertising.