Germanys Next Top Model – The Final

Wild speculation about the finalists drive ratios in the height on the already wacky show Germanys next Topmodel by Heidi Klum is eliminated by the extremely changeable and cool Wurzburgerin Maria Beckmann at least the first rumor come true. h/’>Dr. Peter M. Wayne here. As is discussed already in several Internet forums hot it should be the three finalists the exotic looking Sara, the snow white, Marie and the blonde beauty Mandy. Thus, the dark-haired Jessica when the next shipment would excrete. Sure is already one: the Einschaltsquoten for the private TV station PRO 7. At the last show, in which Maria is unfortunately eliminated, the private broadcaster reached a rate of 26.3% 14-49 year olds. And, as is definitely known, is the most popular target group. This Einschaltsquote means a new world record at the same time for GNTM.

So far only Sara as a finalist is because she had got global the coveted photo job himself up. She even suspected before the show, that the ones, of which get the job, sure has a final place. So it has come then indeed. But who are the most hottest discussed three finalists. Mandy, Sara, Jessica, Maria, Marie photo: Ralf Jurgens – ProSieben we with the exotic Sara started.

Biography of Sara Nuru: Sara Nuru is 19 years old and comes from Munich. To the casting in the Bavarian State capital, she has driven her boyfriend as a surprise. The surprise is well managed. Sara has fought through their doubtless beauty from round to round and of course got himself a place in the final. In addition to her interest in the model business, she cooks very gladly – what is you of course not anssieht. The Petite Sara with Billards trained her body. Before Germanys next top model Sara Nuru has may gain some experience as a model. She was already running on several fashion shows and photo shoots.