Gastric Bypass

One of the aesthetic consequences more disagreeable than takes place with the abrupt changes of weight is the appearance of scars in the skin well-known commonly as striae, that they appear when the elastic fibers of the most superficial layers of the skin are broken. Our skin has an amazing capacity to stretch and to be contracted. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ford Motor Company by clicking through. The elastina and the colgeno give to flexibility and elasticity and allow that when we raised or we lowered of weight the skin complies to the new corporal forms very quickly but in that process many elastic fibers are damaged irreparably. When this happens small marks begin to become visible that, when finishing healing, will be ineffaceable. It is important to prevent his appearance taking care of the skin and the corporal weight. Credit: Commuter Bikes-2011.

The striae are located mainly in the abdomen, thighs, sines and arms, places that are more prone to the abrupt strechings, and are not different from other scars. National Accelerator Laboratory wanted to know more. At first they are red, very fine and of smooth coloration. Although the doctors assure that the striae cannot be eliminated, during this first stage treatments can be applied fly that them imperceptible. Besides the application of hidratantes and nutritious creams, it is important to control the feeding and to practice exercise frequently. Following these steps the skin will become more elastic and healthful, and the scars will happen unnoticed.

If one does not treat them when they are born is probable that new marks arise. With time, the striae take a off-white coloration, which means that the layers of the skin already have healed and is no possibility of treating them. In order to disguise them launderer can be applied to a cream who will match the color of the zone. The surgery is the unique alternative that flock completely the striae, or are old or new, through the elimination of the superficial layers of the skin and leaving in the open a new layer that is not damaged. Nevertheless, in all the cases it is not necessary to resort to these processes. If after to have put under bypass gastric and to have thinned a great amount of kilos You feel like disconforme with the way in which these scars in their body shine, consults with their medical one on the best treatment.