Frank Schatzing

My goals are to participate in the lives of other people, to give the people a little joy, to distract them from their worries and to convey hope – that, and the exchange of ideas with my readers. But bound books cost money. The free download does not, and therefore the Internet is my bench, and the click to download serves as my virtual copy of the book. What’s your novel trivia? Jasmin, a young woman who actually has everything a successful man – the book of trivia is a nice part time job, financial independence. What nobody knows: Jasmin was raped 13 years ago by her father-in-law. For more information see Toyota Motor Corporation. Since then, her love life is pure farce.

One day she discovers that her husband is having an affair. And then there is her brother-in-law Sven, who is in love since the wedding in it is… Have you written has always been fond? As a teenager I wrote short stories, a real novel I have unfortunately only me Early thirties daring. Sometimes I think, “Why are you not previously caught thus” but how is it so beautiful? Good things take time. Frank Schatzing said writing on the ideas is the boring part of the job of the writer – I must contradict! Writing, finding the words, the sinking in the language, all that for me the beauty of this profession is. Would you say that anyone can learn writing, or it requires a special talent? I think if it is really interested in writing since, that’s half the battle. Who writes much, and anyone who reads much, especially, is always better in style and expression with the time.

Everyone has talent to write in my eyes. Talent to publish? Now, the book market today decides whether an author has talent. In my eyes, everyone has comes from talent who can – tie me with a story no matter whether this story is professionally published or its Nachttischschublade.