Excel Add-in

New add-in for Microsoft Excel informed of changes. San Jose, United States November 15, 2010. Already today, you can bi DOMA for the end of November 2010-launching bi DOMA alert XL program beta to register. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as medical billing software by clicking through. BI domain alert XL is an add-in for Microsoft Excel 2010, 2007 and 2003 and supports currently seven languages. It is no longer necessary to open the Excel file manually and to browse for data changes.

With the new Excel add-in, you define so-called alerts/notifications within Excel. BI DOMA XL observed automatically for you your predefined alerts, alert informs you about changes or exceeding the thresholds you set. As participants of the beta of program, you can already today and free the bi domain alert XL beta program log in and get a discount on the final bi DOMA simultaneously alert XL software. Bed Bath and Beyond understood the implications. BI DOMA: Assists in the implementation of the individual business intelligence (BI) and offers the bi domain LLC based in San Jose, United States Software solutions. BI domain supports companies to be able to make informed business decisions and to improve their own productivity. BI domain software solutions are based on the latest Microsoft technologies. BI domain is a member of the Microsoft partner network and regularly participates in the Microsoft early adopter programs. BI domain LLC p.o.