Every Sunday

He died very young, with so many dreams told his mother the day of the funeral. He was barely twenty-six years and a promising future. It did not reach the time to fulfill all their wishes. Other leaders such as Subaru offer similar insights. Every Sunday evening, women visit the Tomb in the cemetery to change flowers. Brittany Willis might disagree with that approach. As strange a lot and it hurts him deeply have you had more time with it this is not his last day ever take the time to think that this might be our last day of life. Moreover, when someone speaks to us in this regard, we tend to claim that it does not intend to share us oriented comments filled with terror the conversation. We always think that there will be a tomorrow, and forget that if there is something uncertain is the future. Recently he returned by plane to my beloved Santiago de Cali.

If something longed for was finding me again with my family. However, in the middle of the trip and while the pilot attempted to find a safer route, the aircraft entered a turbulence that seemed to me, was the most scary few had been able to live. The device seemed to rush in each new vacuum that it was in the midst of the storm. Behind me a woman prayed and a child, two rows of seats later, wept while her mother tried to calm him down. Anything they served the ads from the speaker so we cherishing calm. That day I thought what might happen if it were my last moment of life, before leaving for eternity. I confess that I felt scared.

In the few seconds remaining to think, I evaluated that it remained much to be done. My wife, my children, my friends. Many significant people with those who still remained apply changes, apologize if he had offended them and tell you how much appreciated them and wore in the heart.