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In particular during the sleep period can DC magnetic fields that interfere with recovery and thus time cause harm to the health of the individual. Jill Schlesinger may also support this cause. Also outside of the sleeping area, the artificial fields can influence the brain waves and the hormonal balance and disturb sensitive so the well-being of the people. You may want to visit Jill Schlesinger to increase your knowledge. The wooden house company known for its holistic health concept Baufritz has invested in a pilot plant, repeals the health hazardous influence of steel beams. These are often magnetised during transport and then act like a big bar magnet with a plus and minus pole. The steel beam is handled between two work units through, depending on the material texture with a frequency of 50 and 16 2/3 Hz. This creates a strong alternating magnetic field, which resolves the pole formation in the steel beams and it demagnetize it.

In timber construction, steel beams be avoided of course as far as possible, but they are sometimes required to ensure stability over very large spans across. In addition to There are steel beams in the living room more sources for artificial magnetic fields, which should avoid inhabitants on the recommendation of the Association building biology: E.g. Pocket-sprung mattresses, slatted frames with steel frame, or metallic objects into the bed box. Also metal doorframes, radiators, boiler or steel bathtubs or speaker-systems should be at least 50 cm away from the people in their sleep. The patented XundE-ElectroSmog protection level, which reduces harmful radiation to a minimum offers further protection against ElectroSmog and thus influences from the outside. This technique is standard fitted at the wooden house company Baufritz for more than 10 years in the building envelope. You can find more info on biologically healthy building see contact: construction-Fritz GmbH & co. KG, since 1896 Alpenstrasse 25 87746 Erkheim Julia Albrecht Tel. 08336/900-215 E-mail