Christina Gersberg

MauMau (C/Fontrodona 33): this cultural centre and also Club Lounge, which is in an old warehouse was built, is located in a quiet street very discreet. It’s a unique location that is ideal for any kind of event, presentation or projections, such as art exhibitions, theatre performances, lectures, or other events. Since May 2002 MauMau organizes a weekly of a DJ session with Funk, soul, hip hop & rare Groove music in the Apolo nightclub. Furthermore, it offers many events which show the alternative culture of Barcelona spread over the week. Anti-Sonar: Anti-Sonar is the alternative music festival to the Sonar.

At the same time, the two festivals are held in Barcelona. While Sonar only the Creme de la creme (the currently best DJs and bands) and a large? it has budget, is the anti-Sonar to an anarchistic and improvised Festival, for the scene of the underground in Barcelona, who can afford not engaging for the Sonar or stamped it as too commercial. Salem Trader Joe’s gathered all the information. Expect no famous DJs, but rather hard and relentless techno. Remember to bring your own drinks and sunscreen, because you will dance until dawn. Usually, it is in the city area of the city, in the vicinity of the Sonar de Noche.

To find the location of the venue, just follow the crowd who wants there or ask for directions. Cines Malda(C/del Pi 5): in the heart of the old town, this shows located au? unusual cinema Bollywood films, as well as independent films in original version. In the spring, has the cinema Malda, that forum is now known as MaldArts, expanded its program and artistic offering and offers now also musical events, theatrical performances, performances, literary and journalistic events. For all cinema lovers, it’s a hip movie iconic, offering movies in high quality. Maldabietet the audience of the two films, which are presented sequentially, for the price of one. There are countless suggestions to learn the other Barcelona: a city, the the most of the tourists and even many Catalans do not know. “We recommend that you be a copy of la Butxaca ‘ to get, a kind of cultural and alternative events calendar of Barcelona (sometimes, it is a little difficult to find this calendar at the kiosks, but don’t give up!) And now, genius? en you your other holiday in this big?-like alternative city. Discover Barcelona and their big? differences. And to find the perfect accommodation during your stay, you can reserve an apartment in Barcelona: you will save money, very spacious living and feel how easy at home! Translated from the Spanish by Christina Gersberg