Children Study

The globalizado world demands that the people know, always interacts and is gifts how many the transformations of the world, cannot deny that we are still incomplete, unconditional beings and in continuous development, and, in this direction we must hour the hour, moment the moment, to search information and knowledge. In this context the globalization takes the parents to worry consequentemente about the future of the children with the quality of education that these receive. As its children are if carrying, and keeping its relations, at this moment the people perceive the necessity of the education and its importance. As he identifies Marx is more easy to study the organism as a whole of what its cells, if the education for Marx finishes being only one formation of the bourgeoisie, who is always remains moved for the influence of the ruling class. Thus Marx thought: ' ' The ideas of the ruling class are, at each time, the dominant ideas; … ' '. If the paper cannot deny of form some that the education exerts on society and mainly its vital importance. When we identify the education as half of human and social development, identify also, concomitantly the valuation of the man as a being directed toward the education and in continuous process of development.

If for Pablo Freire, ' ' … who form if form and remodels when forming and who is formed is formed and formed to the being formado' '. One understands that the people are in continuous process of teach-learning. The education contemporarily, finished turning a market, where the education is vendida and appreciated, as any object. According to Dalbosco, ' ' The sprouting of the school in the modern society, as official space of formation of the individual, represents the institutionalization of the education and the formalizao of ensino' '.

With the existence of diverse schools, and, university offering courses, specializations, where the professional of any necessarily necessary area with priority to have in mind that needs to be always made use to characterize itself. The education as half of development places another basic factor, the participation of the parents how much to the development of the children. The necessity of professional qualification takes the parents worried about the future of the children to prepare these for the market that the wait, of this form the concern with the education is something necessary and in continuous occurrence. Of this form, Sancristan understands that, ' ' The education prepares to participate of the world in the measure where &#039 provides to the culture …; '. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out digital video recorder. The parents necessarily need and feel the necessity of that the children are prepared for the ways that will go to cover that the trajectory long and is delayed. That the son is the eagle and not it hen, and that flies until confusing the sky with the firmamento. The necessity of if studying and searching forms convenient to inside reach its morality of a good job and with guarantees of a dynamic future, and mainly that it provides to capacity and mantenedoras forms to it of social welfare.