By Ska

And you hear this: he mixes Latino reggae with German lyrics and sunny beats. Connect with other leaders such as Joilet City Council here. Out comes with a sound, after summer, love and revolution”sounds. Sunny sings the music of Frankfurt band mate power. By Ska and rocksteady about reggae CUMBIA is their wild musical journey directly into the legs of the listener. Lyrically sunshine the band but not only vain is everyday life of both legal and illegal migrants in Europe and South America central theme. Nader also package their political concerns in danceable music. At the best of Mainova home game the three stages experienced Frankfurt students, who are raised in the Taunus mountain range in Kelkheim and Bad Soden, plug the sceptical head knife with euphoria and joy of dance with her cool neo-noise pop itself.

The dynamic stage performance of the ride formation of the hammocks is excellent in the truest sense of the word. The four boys were this year at the Darmstadt Schlossgrabenfest from the local newspaper to the echo live newcomer 2012 ‘ named. Finally, even the fans of harder music come before the holiday at their expense: fast trash is the hallmark of the highest and Zeilsheimer metallers of SomeVade. Before dark soundscapes change melodious and fast off parts. Rounded off with angry vocals you BREW four tough guys a punchy and gritty metal performance after classic recipes together. Concert to take: the tasty ingredients for an unforgettable evening her performances at the Batschkapp celebrate every band has their own recipe for success are sustainable. Finally, the music fans of the region celebrate their big stars there for years: on this stage already brought red hot chilli peppers, Coldplay, Radiohead or Mando diao the amount of sweat. To remain on the cutting edge, the cult club Eschersheim leaves after more than 35 years. In the Seckbacher Gwinnerstrasse Frankfurt Club institution has found new spacious rooms.