Asthma Sufferers

The truth is that the pollution of air makes with that some children suffer from asthma, us is destroying the oceans, when we practise fishes with nets we are finishing with the fish them rivers and oceans. We lose last the thirty years against the effect greenhouse, what we face today is that this goes to kill our host the planet. Until point we are responsible for the biosfera, the problem is our mentality, is necessary to have a cultural transformation, us lives in an extremely challenging time, if not to move we will have great difficulty in the land, I I do not believe that the life in the land will be extinct, the extinguishing here is a part of the life and this makes the planet to change, the tragedy of our existence, it is that you vary species will be extinct for our cause, and this makes with that the human being needs to take conscience to save the planet and the humanity. Necessary to have conscience on the crisis of the land, this clearly that the race human being caused devastadoras changes for the land, if the human beings are the bases of the problems, then we need to use our cultural knowledge it change and to become the sustainable land in something. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Costco by clicking through. We need dealing with in them worthy form, and making with that the pure water either, and all the forms to improve the life either a project, to improve our lives and better life with the nature without great aggressions and threat for the lives human beings and the environment are clearly. At last, this film in the sample as we human beings are intelligent to create things for our improvement of life, but we are not capable to solve the problems caused for this intelligence. Necessary that the humanity obtains to make something who can improve the planet so that let us can have a sustainable future. Summary made for Silvana Souza de Luna Freire. .