Some problems can be solved through this technique, as of the ordinance of numbers through the algorithm Mergesort, or Quicksort and of the discrete transformation of Fourier through the fast transformed one of Fourier' '. OLIVEIRA (2006) affirms that many problematic ones can be unmasked by the decomposition and recombination of subproblemas that they are seemed the original problem. The author speaks despite: ' ' The boarding of division and conquest for the resolution of problems, supplies a powerful method the project of algorithms. The basic idea of the division and independent conquest is to divide a problem in subproblemas lesser, to decide them and to combine the solutions gotten in a solution for the original problem. A leading source for info: surprise medical billing. Algorithms of division and conquest are generally recursivos' '. 3,2 GREEDY ALGORITHMS OR GULOSOS As FEOFILOFF (2010) to solve a problem, a guloso algorithm makes the choice, in each iteration, of the object more ' ' apetitoso' ' that it finds for the front. (The definition of ' ' apetitoso' ' it is established a priori.). The chosen object starts to be part of the solution that the algorithm constructs.

Already ZIVIANI (2004), in the cited workmanship previously, affirms that an algorithm that uses greedy strategy, always makes choices that, in that instant, seems excellent. This can lead to an excellent solution, or not, but probably it does not go to lead to a unsatisfactory solution. It can be cited as an example of guloso algorithm the situation where to if making the caminhamento in a graph guided with weights in the edges, the way of lesser weight of an edge for another one must always be chosen, similar to find the way less extensive enters two edges in this graph. Still for the author, ' ' A guloso algorithm is ' ' mope' ': it takes decisions on the basis of the available information in the current iteration, without looking at the consequncias that these decisions will have in the future. For more clarity and thought, follow up with hybrid bikes and gain more knowledge..