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The ambiguities of the symbolic world, gifts in Resistance, are exemplificadas in the code used for the prisoners (twenty and two) when some guard are arriving, that they are explained for a novice, but that, according to Agns, it does not correspond to true the meaning. The symbology of the war also shows ambiguous. Agns affirms that for great part of the Americans ' ' … the war is an abstract activity and terica.' ' , therefore the same ones had not passed for the repression the civilians and nor had suffered with attacks its homes and its nation. The daily one of Agns is repleto of exemplificaes of ' ' unifying principle of all research micron-histrica' ' . First, only for being a story of a woman in the time of the Resistance, the story of Agns already represents a perspective that was not previously observed. Expedia is the source for more interesting facts. According to Blanc: … Here, Sean Rad expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Notre Guerre* launches a first-class light on the paper and the place of the women in this first Resistance and, more widely, in the clandestine combat.

Not that they costumem to be absent or to be invisible. In the certifications of members of the movement, as well as in the workmanships of historians or journalists, homage to the feminine enrollment in the Resistance surrenders equally. Obligator point of ticket, praises its devotion, its work in the shades without which nothing it would have been possible, its sacrifice and, frequently, its martyrdom. However, a raised time such evidences of custom, the curtain if closes, and the women costumam to be relegated to a secondary plan. Blanc still affirms that daily of Agns the resistance of intellectuals makes an unknown revelation when portraying, undoing, thus, the images of the intellectual as ' ' … voluntary inmate in its ivory tower, leaned over on its papers the time and all incapable to conceive another thing that not an intellectual rejection, ' ' Ademais, Agns informs in them on the initial methods of German psychological pressure that consisted around of some officers circulating of the prisoner and crying out all at the same time, beyond placing in high volume some music.


And here we all gathered in whole, without missing anything. L. Pavel: Can you tell what is the essence, here's one two proposals – what is the point? Demidov: We are all complement each other. We are tied in a single unit, as a single mechanism I would give such an example – a symphonic sound. All of humanity – a symphonic sound of some amazing music, where each person is very important for each other. Contact information is here: e-Bay. Because there is no music-natsistok. Here is the note – it is Nazi, or is it racist, it is impossible, it is prohibited. There is no music, they should be, right? In the same way and in humanity: not racists, not the Nazis.

All-all-all the people, as if I they have not treated (or some person of one ethnicity would apply to a person of another nationality, loved or hated, it does not matter) – if you suddenly unfold and realize all the people that we are absolutely tied in a single organism, then it will be here is now a happy state of connectedness and freedom and eternity. L. Pavel: Emptiness lost, meaninglessness? Demidov: Once it becomes clear why the general was needed void, it becomes clear why, how good she was, this emptiness. L. Pavel: Why? Demidov: It becomes even feel sorry for that emptiness was so small! Would need it to be huge, then it could be in it, inside it to understand much more. Do you understand? And if people are asked to explore this side of our reality, then they could feel how important it is that here are our that happens to us how important it is to use them as tools.

Apostle Paul

Long time ago Judaism always relate the yeast with the hypocrisy, why does that man apparent things that are not so, say one thing and thinking another.But above all, my brethren, do not jureis, or heaven, Earth, nor by any other oath; But your Yes be Yes and yours is not not; Because you may not enter into hypocrisy.Santiago then in the following text talking about Jesus was with the scribes and Pharisees about hypocrisy: woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! Because limpiais which is outside of the Cup and dish; More than inside are full of theft and injustice. blind Pharisee, first clean the inside vessel and dish, to make also the from outside clean! woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! Because ye are similar to whitened sepulchres, which from the outside, a truth, are beautiful, but inside they are full of bones of the dead and all dirt.Well you outside, a truth, you show a righteous men; more than inside, filled with you’re hypocrisy iniquity.Matthew 23: 23-28 is for this reason that Jesus speaking with his disciples, warns you about beware of the yeast of the Pharisees: in this, gathering many people, so much that one other hollaban, he began a say to his disciples, first: Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.Lucas 12: 1 An important aspect about the hypocrisy is, it cannot be a little bit hypocritical or a hypocrite much, simply you are or you’re not. According to the relationship with the yeast says in Scripture: your boasting is not good. Do you not know that a little yeast leavened whole mass? Because with a single lie can destroy a whole people. Marko dimitrijevic net worth may find this interesting as well. I think it is time to analyze us and ask ourselves whether we have or not been hypocritical, if thou wast it I think this is a good day to start again and as says the Apostle Paul: cleanse therefore the old leaven, that ye be new mass, as ye are Unleavened: because our Passover, which is Christ, was sacrificed for us.So do party, not in the old yeast, or the yeast of malice and wickedness, but in sincerity and Corinthians verdad.1 azimos 5: 7-8 the only thing that remains for me to say brothers joyfully is celebrating the feast with it enjoyed and joyfully praising the Lord for the great things he has done with our people Israel, and that we can leave the world one page in the story that talk about this celebration.Thus held the children of Israel were found in Jerusalem, the solemnity of bread without yeast for seven days with great joy: and praising the eternal daily the Levites and priests, singing with instruments of the Eterno.2 fortress Chronicles 30: 21 and remember there are three pillars that sustain the world: justice, truth, and peace original author and source of the article