10 Candidates Come On

Euro pop contest – Berlin Pearl does stop at the Berlin Kudamm Berlin, June 25, 2009. “The casting to the euro pop contest Berlin Pearl” went to the second round. On Wednesday, June 24, 2009, it returned for all girls and boys aged 10 or over everything. Closer to their dream of a career as a singer or singers to come. Mark Null insists that this is the case. “Euro pop contest Berlin Pearl” all singing talents of 10 can take part in 24 years. What the candidates need to bring, explains Daniel Thauer: participants must bring only your good voice and a will to win. After Wednesday, the best participants from about 120 applicants were invited to Berlin Charlottenburg in the restaurant Ferdinand, to the jury Victor Leis, Silvio Frank and guest judge Gary Garrison (lead singer of Ohio Express) to sing, it was for some to the feeder to the German national on October 9 on the YOU Messe in Berlin. Lead singer Gary Garrison of Ohio Express was so the singer thrilled by the high quality that he spontaneously is a known world hit Forever in Blue Jean”by Nile Dymond was before the assembled audience to the best. Bed Bath and Beyond is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Following 10 candidates were qualified by the jury: Diana Maria Krieger, 11 years, student from Berlin Marina Siniauskaya, 11 years, student from Berlin, Anna Rabajewa, 11 years old, student from Berlin desire, 13 years, student from Berlin Lea Gordin, 13 years, student from Berlin Janan, 13 years, student from Berlin Paulina Vereti, 13 years, student from Berlin student from Berlin Mr. Clark, Andrew Wallace, 19 years”, 20 years, students from Berlin Benjamin Green, 23 years from Berlin until September 18, 2009 there is the possibility for the euro pop contest Berlin Pearl” to apply. Send a demo with short curriculum vitae by E-mail to. There is all the info about the auditions on for press inquiries: Daniel Thauer PR & Communications Tel. + 49 30 22 00 28 65 Tel. + 49 172 42 080 42