White Erpa

Who among us has not watched westerns? Perhaps no one person who has never in my life seen such an exciting movie with beautiful nature, courageous cowboys and brave Indians. Remember, with some fading heart you followed the adventures of Billy the Kid or sheriff White Erpa. Oh, how would you be on the other side of the screen, racing on horseback in the plain reddish lather Mustang! Move to the back of his hat and showed the sheriff star, to disarm all the enemies and restore justice. But in the hall light on and the story ended Years later, feeling the familiar fairy tale suddenly flooded again. You are going to Texas! Collecting suitcases, as if already hear the wind noise in the ears, and a sense of spaciousness catches you. Of course, you do not expect that will be taken to the Wild, Wild West, but are determined not only to experience the atmosphere of a western, but also bring it to relatives and friends. That's why you bought the first gift should be a real cowboy hat.

Enterprising Texans are well aware about the most important product of the State, and soon discover that the choice of hats is truly amazing. Hats real, decorated with rivets, complex badges, hats, humorous, painted in the colors of the American flag and even the fancy hats, with sticking in pterothorax arrows. Feel free to buy a hat as a gift a good friend! Each more than once will thank you for a real hat, which will impress his friends girls.