Water Resistance Mounting

This allows builders to more confidently treat them and also reduces the risk of damage during maintenance of communications and equipment in the plenum. Become more defined, edges also contribute to improving the appearance of the ceiling. Mineral Ceilings Armstrong offers a wide choice of ceiling tiles from the hard and soft mineral fiber and fiberglass. Armstrong Ceiling product range includes ceiling with a smooth surface, as well as more conventional textured boards with different patterns and edges in several different sizes and colors and with different specifications. Ceilings group Prima distinguished by higher acoustic performance, high moisture resistance (95% RH), resistant to damage and longevity. And in this case – a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer! Formulation of ceiling tiles Armstrong meets the state requirements for flammability of construction materials. Armstrong ceilings regularly are tested for flammability, in addition, ceiling tiles, combined with the suspension system capable of providing structural fire protection of the building. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Secretary of Agriculture.

All fire protection mineravolokonistye and metal ceiling tiles Armstrong belong to flammable materials (G1) in accordance with gost 30244-94. In addition, the design of the ceiling, consisting of ceiling tiles and suspension system, is fire resistant and provides additional protection structure building in case of fire. Water Resistance Mounting of suspended ceilings often under conditions of high humidity: at the early beginning of the finishing work in buildings with an unstable temperature regime, areas with high concentrations of people, areas with open access to atmospheric air protection, etc. For these conditions Armstrong offers a range of ceilings, which can be installed in conditions of relative humidity to 95%. Read more here: Rick Garcia. Some products can be applied even in emergency conditions when the relative humidity 100% rh.

Today's strict standards of hygiene health and safety require that ceiling meet high standards of hygiene, used in the food industry and health care. In addition, in areas of electronic, fiber, pharmaceutical and computer industry finishing materials must conform to the 'net Class Room 100 '. Armstrong offers materials specifically designed to meet sanitation requirements. Light Reflectance Light Reflectance of the surface – is its ability to reflect light. Light reflection will show how much entering the light is reflected as a percentage. Good light reflectance ceiling tiles eliminates the need for additional energy consumption for lighting, but also contributes to a higher level of comfort. The possibility of wet cleaning and periodic cleaning: ceiling tiles can be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge moistened with a mild soap detergent.