Virtualization Market It-Internet Technologies

Business is constantly evolving, companies expand and increase production capacity. At Nokia you will find additional information. And then face the challenge of increasing production capacity without expanding the production area. For example, any IT-company has to buy more powerful servers, as their loading, expanding its team of system administrators, because you have to continually keep on working the machine a variety of applications, expands staff security, because it is constantly faced with the problem of information leakage on each desktop computer. All these problems are solved by virtualization software. Virtualization – quite an old concept introduced programmers IBM, however, became popular with corporate clients only in the past few years Virtualization to increase production capacity without investing in new equipment. IT-principle "one problem – one computer "is obsolete, so now all the resources together in one pool and, thanks to virtualization processes, many different problems solved with just one machine instead of several. Leading software developers in the area of virtualization processes, such as Microsoft, VmWare Workstation, Citrix and others, are developing an application in the field of hardware and software virtualisation.

For example, Microsoft is such a niche, as server virtualization, application virtualization, presentation virtualization. Server virtualization allows you to have multiple physical servers instead of one, missing power servers provide multiple Virtual completely copying the configuration and the physical server. The company VMware Workstation also involved in server virtualization and application development for their programs. Thus, their vmware virtualization is a direct Windows virtualization competitor in this segment of IT technology. Intel and AMD, keeping abreast of current IT trends that are restructuring their power under virtualization, we know that virtualization of the processor can significantly facilitate the implementation of operations and increase CPU performance without additional power by improving the code. Virtualization technologies help businesses save significantly area, the cost of new equipment, software, labor and time costs, increasing production capacity without loss to themselves.