Vegetable Puree

I’m allergic to wheat, but I cannot tolerate the buckwheat. This recipe is made from a mixture of buckwheat pancake, either serves. And to prepare the recipe that I use te traigo then obviously your you can change some things, everything is going in the culinary imagination I use 3 / 4 cup pancake mix and 1 / 2 cup of mix for pancakes and add 1 / 4 cup pureed vegetables and fruits. Also use a farm egg, 1 / 4 cup of milk instead of 1 / 2 cup (I use unsweetened coconut milk or unsweetened rather than cow’s milk almond milk). I use a tablespoon of organic coconut oil unrefined or a tablespoon of olive oil, and I use a pressure cooker to 101 (of the type, quel sold in television commercials) to boil and make pancakes, sprinkle the pan with olive oil. For 6 to 8 pancakes in a bowl add:-1 / 2 cup of mix for pancakes – 1 / 4 cup milk – 1 egg – 1 tbsp oil – 1 / 4 cup of mashed fruits and vegetables mix all ingredients and cook in slow cooker on 101 or the iron until the pancake is done. These pancakes are very tasty and very healthy! The texture is very moist and soft. If I run out of fruit and vegetable puree, I use part of a banana puree or a kind of fruit puree and add 1 / 4 cup of the mix, but the fruit and vegetable puree is by far the best! I hope you enjoy my favorite recipe for pancake with fruit and vegetable puree also can prepare the recipe for vegetable stew and artichokes baked..