Training Program

What you need to know to make your training program? Such a question has arisen and you? You do not want to use prepared programs from magazines that do not help to become more? Yes, you need to learn to be yourself training program, and then you can choose for themselves an ideal option. Thus, we explain the basic principles. 1. First, you have to figure out what exercises work out certain muscles. In our body 6 major muscle groups: chest, shoulders, back, arms, legs, press.

In turn, they are divided into smaller muscles. You can download books on bodybuilding, which will help in the selection exercise. For each muscle group enough to do exercise 3.2. At the initial stage can do a basic exercise on muscle group. Basic exercise involves both a large number of muscles (squats, bench press, deadlift) 2.Chastota training and amount of exercise is now necessary to determine how many times a week, you'll go to the gym. Each workout should not be delayed more than 2 hours.

It is advisable to train 1 hour 20 minutes. If this possible, then 50 minutes would be ideal, since after 50 minutes of intense training begins to stand out cortisol which breaks down muscle fibers. Program must make so that the whole body were worked one day a week. 3.Kolichestvo sets and reps How many sets and reps will have your training program – a very big question. I will say a general rule: if to raise a lot, do 12.8 repetitions, force – 5-6 reps. As for the approaches, then muscle group should account for 8.12 of approaches. Rest in between should be enough (about 3 minutes). Another important point, which is not known newcomers – cycles. The use of cycles is very important because the muscles can not grow constantly, then comes the "stagnation". They need to rest or other type of load. Cycle advise count on 9-12 weeks. At the beginning of the cycle to work part-time force, or even rest for a week. To start training to failure only after 5-6 weeks. In the construction of cycles there is also a sea of options and different systems. But the basic principle – to give your body rest. So, we discussed the simplest moments, but there are many pitfalls. More information on how to make the training program, you can find on the site about bodybuilding.