The Weak Thought Venezuela

Teodulo Lopez Melendez No weak thought Venezuela there are all-inclusive legitimization in the Venezuela of today. We are moved by a weak thought. A thought is required to speak the truth. Necessary to have recourse to a paradigm of complexity contrary to immobility and bury the static concepts. We require an instituent society. The Venezuelan being shown splinter, pessimistic and selfless.

It happens because the country is moving in the bosom of exhausted paradigms, in an old world. The old ways lead nowhere. This is what I propose to the country, make an instituent society. What is now is to propose a new reading of reality, that is, the creation of a new reality for the permanent activity of a Republic of citizens who change forms tailored to its evolution towards a democratic society eternally perfectible expiry of existing paradigms, or the defeat of inertia, should be sought by means of innovative and unusual approaches. The uselessness of the old paradigms is of manifest when the man begins to suspect that no longer serve him successfully to the solution of the conflict or problems. It is clear that the revocation of the above requires a sustained effort because data and assumptions should reassess. Venezuelan society is a victim of the evils originate in representative democracy, one that did not evolve towards higher forms. Venezuelan society is accustomed to delegating and forgot about social control every mature society exerts on the power.

Behind all explicit power is an unreachable imagery of an instituent power. Thus, it is recalled that the Greeks, when they invented the tragic democracy, noted that nobody should tell us how to think and in the agora was discussing on the Polis in a self-reflective process. Hence Castoriadis: A subject that gives himself reflexively, his laws of being. Therefore the autonomy is the reflective Act of a reason that is created in a movement without end, in a way at the same time individual and social.