The building situation

On individual materials (eg, different types of bricks) reduction reached 30-40%. But how many at this can you save? Depending on the design of the building, the cost structure of the cost of building materials is 40-50%. Thus, construction costs since mid-2008 was reduced by an average of 10%. It would be strange if the developers did not try to save money and to pay the builders and workers, because the estimated construction costs are up to 18-20%. Indeed, many developers are cutting costs through layoffs "excess" staff and cutting salaries of workers and foremen – at least by 20-30%. For example, a construction company Orel region average wages of builders fell from 17 to 13 thousand rubles.

But it is necessary to understand that this is a dead end, since low wages is difficult to attract qualified workers and specialists, which largely depends on the quality and speed construction. Innovation instead of saving? Analysis of the situation in the industry shows that the above-mentioned traditional opportunities for cost reduction in building projects have been exhausted. We need new imaginative approaches that would build much faster and cheaper. Already well-proven solutions is to use the technology of prefabricated buildings on the basis of lung metal (LMC). Josh Resnick Jericho Capital helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Main bearing element of such a building is a high-frame of metal profiles. The frame has vertical posts and horizontal beams for fastening elements of the exterior and inner cladding, installation of windows, doors and interior partitions. What are the advantages of technology lmc over traditional construction methods? The first fundamental difference – a unification of all parts and components structures and a high degree of prefabrication construction kit.