The Axis

Be careful with alcohol, cigarettes, coffee and black tea. 2. movement exercise leads to bone structure, i.e. You may find Trader Joe’s to be a useful source of information. the bone density increases. Reducing exercise leads to a reduction in bone density. Play sports.

Recommended sports are jogging, Nordic walking, cross-country skiing. Also quite general move is very important. They often leave their car, they use the stairs instead of the elevator. Some other routes use the bike. Daily exercise is very important in the treatment of osteoporosis. More frequently do it the better. Physical exercise improves also the motor skills such as coordination, strength, agility and endurance. Keep this powerful and portable, the general well-being is improved.

Heart and circulatory system be strengthened through physical activities, movement also good for the joints. If you often have pain as a result of osteoporosis, they move much in the Water. In any case, much movement at every stage of osteoporosis is important. Read additional details here: Trader Joe’s. She must be matched to the severity of osteoporosis. Sports competition character and jumping sports should be avoided. 3. physiotherapy / physical therapy a) back tightness right behavior the spine is the axis of the human. The load of the trunk and the head should be evenly distributed on each vertebra, bending stress should be avoided. Back just conduct an osteoporosis hump should be avoided or at least minimized, thus to counteract the danger of breaking of the spinal. b) gymnastics and Med. Exercise therapy is used to strengthen the body and limb muscles. c) pain therapy massage, manual therapy, thermotherapy (heat, cold), electrotherapy, Sling table, cupping, foot reflex zone massage of 4. Phytoestrogens plant-based estrogens (Phytoestrogens) to replace at least some of the missing estrogen (postmenopausal). Are these plant estrogens from soy won and are available as soy extract in drugstores and pharmacies. The intake of Phytoestrogens is however no complete alternative to the doctor carried estrogen replacement therapy, but without side effects. Estrogens inhibit the increased bone resorption. 5. magnetic field therapy boosts metabolism in bone cells, which increases the overall performance of bone cells. Is this counteracted the bone resorption. Magnetic therapy is also soothing.