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It is likely that if we have been able to resist them, we all have bodies that we dream. If you want to lose pounds fast, then this is one of the quick tips to lose kilos with which you have to commit yourself to grudgingly, at least for a time. During the early stages of any plan to lose pounds will have to be more diligent in what you can and can not eat until your body gets used to the new way of eating. In those times (rare) If you decide to enjoy a sweet, go by your favorite ice cream or cake shop and enjoy the service, rather than buy a gallon of ice cream and store it in the freezer. Drinking green tea there are many scientific studies that have demonstrated the benefits of weight loss by green tea, so many that there are plenty of pills for weight loss on the market that contain green tea extract.

Drink three cups of green tea a day can help to increase your fat burning through an increase in metabolism, but it can also act as a suppressant of appetite that will help you eat less every day. Breakfast perhaps the smartest and easiest tips for losing kilos to put into practice is to make an effort to have breakfast each morning. I say make an effort because many of us we are inclined by 10 minutes more of sleep rather than waking up and making a healthy breakfast, but the truth is that a healthy breakfast can go a long way to help you eat fewer calories and with minor frequency between meals. A healthy such as oats, cereals and fruit breakfast can give you enough fiber to keep you satisfied until lunch time. It adds a bit of lean protein, such as egg for breakfast and you will feel satisfied longer so that you can reduce the amount of food every day. Breakfast will help you achieve your goals of loss of pounds. These are just some of the tips to lose kilos quickly that we can add to our lives each day to give our fat loss momentum each day!