The Advertising

Then, become partly in a residue and partly in a satisfied need or, in the worst and most common cases, in a wish fulfilled. Almost all environmental destruction processes share a common cause: excessive and irresponsible consumption. In the consumer society in which we live, each and every one of us play a dual role. We are victims and victimizers. We received every minute since we opened our eyes in the morning, until we close them at night, a constant shelling of the advertising industry that incites us to consume, which tries to generate new addictions, needs, desires. It practically forces us to consume products and services whose vast majority are for us totally unnecessary Natalichio adds, consider that the industrial-consumista model has led to the economies of countries more poor people spend much of their human and natural resources, to the satisfaction of the enormous consumption of most industrialized societies, even failing to meet the fundamental needs of their own populations. The consumer society is environmentally unsustainable clearly, because even you can hold onto the inequality between North and South, which made many years often harshly clearinghouse of pressure on natural resources that exerts the overconsumption of countries more rich. This consumption implies a constant increase of the extraction of natural resources, which are being depleted, and consequent dumping of waste which has already filled years ago the absorptive capacity of the planet.

The social and environmental consequences of consumerism are visible for anyone who wants them to see. Growing social inequalities, over-exploitation of nature and unsustainable waste generation.From our place, we have ethical and moral obligation to become responsible consumers and promote responsible consumption.