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Princess Amelie

Despite the fact that hellish demon who gathered plenty of mischief, defeated homeland is still a little in danger. Princess Amelie, gently swinging her hips, sent to defend their turf against invasion crawling and creeping reptiles – cuts left and right of snakes, crocodiles lizards yes, getting out of the nearby barns reinforcement in the form of black dragons and collecting grass loot. Interest is maintained by a unique arena in which the unfolding battle: the enemy is crowding at the barracks, who supply him fresh troops, the fenced fences, it is still something udumaet. Unfortunately, the invasion is feeble – only six fights, so in plenty to enjoy sophisticated design arena, we do not have time. The second campaign – "Champion of the arena", tells about the hardship of a mercenary, Arthur, to whom the blood from the nose to the proverbial scene at all to win. All – it's seven nontrivial characters and eight bosses giants that have already met us in other games in the series.

You remember them perfectly: Spider-overgrown, broiler squid robot borer and other such vermin. Spree fueled by the fact that access to the most powerful armies at once and not have to dodge to win at least a couple of battles with the peasants and the aggressive vines. Subsequently hire anybody still does not give – respect Arthur with orcs irritate lizards, and communication with scary ghouls angers living characters, so you have to choose with whom to be friends and someone to fly fighters.