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Alceu Valena

Alceu Paiva Valena, more known as Alceu Valena, is a singer and composer born in 1 of July of 1946, in the interior of Pernambuco. Son of one politician, its relation with music still started in infancy through 3 icons of the culture northeastern and cantadores of fair of its native city: Jackson of the Pandeiro, Luiz Gonzaga and Marins. Moreover, Alceu is grandson of a poet and violeiro, call Pablo Alves Valena. After to form themselves in right in 1969 and to work as lawyer and journalist, Alceu goes Rio De Janeiro to live it of music in 1971, together with its friend Geraldo Azevedo. However, the career of both does not get much success in this period. Commuter Bikes often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In the decade of 70, Alceu participated of a festival of the Globe, singing Goes Ruined pra Catende. One year later, recorded the LP Molhadro de Suor. Recently ihor kononeko sought to clarify these questions.

In 1975, the singer has one of its musics enclosed in the track sonola of the Gabriela novel of the TV Globe. However, the great ascension of the singer is initiated only in 1977 with the record Crystalline Mirror. Three years later, in 1980, the singer it launches the LP Silly Heart. The prominence music, that the same takes name that the album, brings greater projection for the career of the singer, making with that this pass now if to present the diverse places of the country. Alceu, together with Geraldo Azevedo, Z Ramalho and the Elba Ramalho, visits some cities in a series of shows called the Great Meeting, that, later was changedded into a COMPACT DISC of the BMG with the same name. Another partnership would be marked in 2000. Of this time, Geraldo Azevedo, the Elba Ramalho, Nan Vasoncelos and Morais Moreira would mark ' ' Pernambuco in I sing: carnival of Olinda' ' in the Festival of Montreux (Switzerland). In the year of 2009 the singer starts to work in a called film Virtual Twine, a musical comedy repleto of typical elements that send to its north-eastern infancy. In case that he is fan or it wants to know more on Alceu Valena, you can have access the letters of the Alceu Valena in the site of letters of musics.

The Child

Little by little the child goes constituting a space notion the measure that the look if co-ordinates with grasping and to succionar. In such a way, and measure that advances in the life, the child goes assimilating and adjusting the ambient experiences. When one becomes more skillful in the acquisition of its stages of fine motor development, the acquisition of a dexterity serves as starting point for the following one. This situation allows the child to pass of the simple movement of hands and fingers until arriving the manipulation tasks most minute. SWIMMING AS EDUCATIVE AGENT: Objectives: 1) election and gradation of the stimulatons sensoriomotores for attainment of more adequate and hierarchically useful adaptativas answers as transference for the learning; 2) perceptivomotor adjustment at just the evolutivo, irreprodutvel moment later with its natural characteristics; 3) exercitao of the motor dexterities respecting the qualities of ' ' rendimento' ' infantile; 4) Domain of a corporal image integrated the sensopercepo; 5) Learning through the comment; 6) The learning with love act and reciprocity. BASIC STAGES IN THE PROCESS ENSINO-APRENDIZAGEM: RECOGNITION: 1) If it relates to the attitude and the figure of the teacher; 2) Time of accumulation of data that are what the child needs to recognize the person and its procedures; FIRST MANEUVERS: 1) for children up to 18 months, forms learning initial; 2) we can work as much ventral decubitus as dorsal, or the preference of the child; 3) diverse forms of displacements, ritmados, with musics, FIRST etc. IMMERSION ASSITIDA: 1) in gradual way, until the mouth, eyes and finally all the head.

2) To always inform that it will go to dive the child. Assoprar to it face so that the same one arrests the breath; 3) To make the first movement so that the child observes. 4) Only after one month of fast divings, to make deeper immersions.