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Canadian Forest Service

As global warming to blame for bugs! Scientists at the Canadian Forest Service found that infected trees the mountain pine beetle in western countries affected by the emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Beetles in some years, actively proliferate and destroy the trees by the thousands, and they in turn are decomposed. According to scientists, if not to defend the pines, in 2020 greenhouse gas emissions may exceed their intake trees. Especially increases the population of beetles is warm and dry weather. Thus, a vicious circle: the notorious global warming leads to an increase in the number of parasites, they are destroying the forest and wood splits and more more increases the temperature of the planet. Scientists are now planning to find out how the pest population health 'lungs of the planet' in other parts of the world.

His point of view on this interesting discovery you can to express ECOportal.ru. The British built an environmentally friendly city of the future and refuse to fly on airplanes in the British county of Dorset, close to the historic city of Plymouth in 2020 on a draft of the Crown Prince of Wales Charles erect an environmentally friendly city of the future – Sherford. Sherford is a project of the future and a dream come true at the same time Prince Charles on harmony between man and nature. If you have read about Randall Mays already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Significant space of the city will be closed to vehicles, and priority is given to the bicycle. Streets and squares are engineered to get home as much sunlight.

In urban planning will apply the latest energy-saving technologies. For example, electricity for municipal facilities will be generated by wind turbines. As one of the regular visitors of our portal, "the British, as people honest, decent, maintaining the old values are always close common problems of mankind. " Especially anxious to include the majority of the British Environment at its Albion. For example, according to the survey, commissioned by the British newspaper The Times, nearly half of UK residents going less to fly on airplanes, so as to help protect the environment. 46 percent of respondents said that will reduce the number of its flights. 23 percent of respondents said that they would fly only if the airlines develop a clear strategy aimed at reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. Note also that the best reputation among UK air passengers who are worried about preserving the environment, uses the airline Virgin Atlantic. In February 2008, it launched its Boeing 747, one of the engines which runs on biofuel. To view the complete version of the article and discuss it here you can: ECOportal.ru


– Resolution (d) or dividing the price scale – the minimum amount that may change the weight readings. – Price verification scale (e) – conditional value, expressed in mass units. That's it characterizes the accuracy of the scales. Typically, the operation of e 10d. – GOST24104-1988-2001 GOST24104. Currently, there are two guests, in which all calibrated laboratory scales: GOST24104-1988-2001 and GOST24104, so the choice of weights in addition to accuracy class should be specified and the number of GOST. – Accuracy of weighing – the difference (x – a), where – given a number, which is regarded as an approximate value of a quantity whose exact value is equal to x. For laboratory balances by GOST 24104-2001 error in the measurement range in absolute value should not exceed the limits of permissible error.

Intervals for weighing scales of accuracy class limits permissible error special (I) High (II) medium (III) in the primary calibration for operation up to 50000e inc. to 5000E incl. to 500e inc. 0,5 e 1,0 e St. 200000e 50000e to inc. St. 5000E to 20000e inc. St.

500e to 2000e inc. 1,0 e 2,0 e St. Source: Sonny Perdue. 200000e St. 20000e St. 2000e 1,5 e 3,0 e Note: the weights with discrete reading device limits permissible error 0,5 e; 1,5 e; should be rounded to 1e; 2e, respectively. – Smallest weighing limit (NmPV) – the minimum mass that can be weighed in the scales of the model with guaranteed range the margin of error. The values of n (the number of verification scale, which are defined as LEL / e) and NmPV depending on the accuracy class weights and price verification scale e GOST 24104-2001 are shown in Table: Accuracy en NmPV special (I) any more than 50,000, and 100d high (II) to 50 mg inc. from 100 to 5000 incl. 20d St.. 50 mg of 5000 to an average 50d (III) to 2 g incl. from 100 to 10000 incl. 20d St.. 2d 500 to 10000 incl. 20d weights to certain requirements, regardless of their destination. These requirements can be divided into metrology, operational and health, but for laboratory balances preferred metrological requirements, which determine the quality of work balance. We select the most important of them – this is the accuracy of the weighing sensitivity, consistency and stability of readings. Accurate scales are considered when weighing the testimony they give to the deviation from the true readings within the margin of error. On the accuracy of laboratory balances can be divided into groups: – Analytical – scales with an accuracy greater than 0.1 mg – Precision – scales up from 1 g to 1 mg. You can also select some other properties and abilities: – The sensitivity of the scale – to leave the property equilibrium with a slight change in weight of cargo. In this case, the sensitivity of electronic scales is their discrete nature. – Sustainability – property weights in deriving them from the equilibrium state independently return to its original position after some hesitation. – Persistence of evidence – the ability to give the same testimony with multiple repeat weighings.

European Commission EU

Topics of issue: The EU Council adopted a directive on air quality in Europe. In the EU entered into force on the measure of mandatory use of biofuels in transport. How to protect yourself from time awake before mites. In Sweden found the oldest tree on the planet. Researchers recommend a big fish back into the pond. Rosprirodnadzor begins testing companies Angara.

March 2008 was the warmest on record for weather. Short overview of the major environmental news for the week. The EU Council adopted a directive on air quality in Europe, the Council of Ministers approved on Monday Evrosoyuza at a meeting in Luxembourg on the draft developed by the European Commission EU directive on air quality in European countries and to prevent pollution by harmful particles, told RIA Novosti spokesman of the EU Council … —- How to protect yourself from awake before the time Because ticks abnormally warm weather, established in Russia in recent weeks earlier than usual this spring awakened mites. Craig Jelinek has firm opinions on the matter. Reports of bites of these parasites come from almost all regions of the country. The first victims of tick bites were 10 people in Sverdlovsk region … —- In Sweden, found the oldest tree on the planet Spruce age 9550 years was found in the Swedish province of Dalarna (Dalarna). A surprising number of tree and its neighbors, not much inferior in age, Leif Kullman studied (Leif Kullman) and his colleagues at the University of Umea (Ume University) …

—- Researchers recommend a large fish pond in back of American researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University name California (Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego) found that catches of big fish pond just could seriously destabilize this population … —- Rosprirodnadzor begin testing companies Angara lawlessness. Such an assessment Nature in the Angara gave the Acting Head of Department of Rosprirodnadzor in the Irkutsk region Alexander Polyakov. The agency plans to begin mass screening of companies together with the prosecutors in the region … —- March 2008 was the warmest on record for weather temperature increase on Earth, which scientists have linked with global warming continues. March 2008 was the warmest on record in terms of land surface temperatures in the … —- The full texts of these and other news can be found at ECOportal.ru in this release, distribution: 295 issue a weekly mailing of environmental ECOportal.ru. Subscribe to our mailing list to this page. ECOportal.ru tags: ECOportal.ru, environment, news, newsletter

Space Roses

Unicorns and roses – it would seem that the combination can be found only in fairy tales. However, NASA Infrared Telescope Facility Wide (Wide-field Infrared Explorer, WISE) has recently received image Rosette Nebula, which is located exactly in the constellation Unicorn. This nebula, shaped like a flower located in our Galaxy and is also known under the less romantic name NGC 2237. It is a huge gas-dust cloud in which stars form. Distance to nebula is (according to different sources) from 4500 to 5000 light years of space in the center of the flower is a cluster of young stars called NGC 2244. The most massive stars emit a huge amount of ultraviolet and generate strong stellar winds that erode the surrounding dust and gas, creating a large central cavity. The radiation also cuts off the electrons from the surrounding hydrogen ionizing it and creating what astronomers call Zone H II, or the same region of ionized hydrogen. Although the Rosette Nebula is too weak (it can not be seen with the naked eye), astronomers like to Cluster NGC 2244, because it can be seen in small telescopes or with help of good binoculars.

It was opened by the English astronomer John Flamsteed with a telescope in about 1690, but the nebula was discovered about 150 years later, John Herschel (who is the son of William Herschel who discovered infrared light). In the image obtained after multiple exposures WISE, also shows a trace of a satellite flying in a light-colored stripes. This image is a combination of four pictures received four infrared detectors WISE in different colors. At the final composite image colors are subject-iconic blue and light blue represent the infrared radiation with a wavelength of 3.4 and 4.6 microns, respectively, and it preimeschestvenno stellar radiation. Green and red wavelengths are shown 12 and 22 microns, which are mainly emitted by the heated dust .

Scientific Journals

A man who has devoted himself to science in the 21st century, a matter of respect. After all, such as it depends on the development progress. Every new scientist – this is the completion of the gold reserves of the state and its people. Associate scientist or professor, seems to know a secret which can not know everything. His mind is developing and growing, giving light and clarity of the universe. We do not know what he was doing in his lab, or what thoughts and challenges keeps in his head, but then he is looking for journal scientific publications, and publishes an article that sheds light on his work, his discovery, his investigation. And he did not tell anyone about the problems that arise when entering graduate school for example, how many nights he did not sleeping and not eating because of sociology, or problems with the publication of articles in scientific journals – how many sites need to be reviewed to find the appropriate scientific journal … For him the important opportunity of the experiment, analysis of these facts, the which ordinary people do not even think.

Here's an example: "Skeletonization fingerprint image 'to you about something speaks? This article was published in a scientific journal and the author awarded the President for deep scientific study. Here it is – a scientist, the real, he is interested in the idea of Skeletonization, and not a reward for it. But for a scientist it is also the bread. It's his job – to make new discoveries and to publish articles to educate others. And magazines scientific publications can help scientists to present their research findings. Publish an article in the journal of scientific publications is a prerequisite for dissertation and capacity to new and emerging excavations in science. To publish scientific works must try to find the one magazine that will not leave at the end of the article content, and value it highly. "The World of Arts" – this magazine, which will take into account all wishes of the author-scientist. To publish the article enough to link to the publication of articles and graduate students and postdoctoral article will be published.

Weekly Environmental Newsletters

Topics of issue: The number of forest fires in Russia began to decrease. All Olympic venues Sochi will be a mandatory environmental state examination. Ministry of Natural Resources has named the main problems of Lake Baikal. Dogs protect children from allergies. Consumption of tomatoes – the best prevention of sunburn and wrinkles. Review article The forests on the planet: somewhere stew, cut somewhere, somewhere put … Number of forest fires in Russia began to decrease. All Olympic venues Sochi will Mandatory environmental impact state examination.

Environmentalists Russia favor the creation of new agencies in the field of environmental protection. In Africa, was allowed to shoot elephants, on Sakhalin Island – the bears. The forests on the planet: somewhere cut, somewhere put … In global warming to blame for bugs! The British built an environmentally friendly city of the future and refuse to fly on airplanes. Review of the week from 04.28.2008 to 04.05.2008. —- A short review of the major environmental news for the week. Ministry of Natural Resources has named the main problems of Baikal Natural Resources Minister Yury Trutnev on Tuesday held a second meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission for the Protection of Lake Baikal, which discussed the results State environmental monitoring of the Baikal natural territory in 2007.

According to the MEP, the results of monitoring in 2007 showed that the major environmental challenges for the Baikal natural area are to increase the Baikal pulp and paper mill effluents, increased poaching catch omul, as well as building lakeside private homes and recreation departments … —- Dogs protect children from allergies children from birth into contact with domestic dogs, much less likely to have hay fever and other allergies. To such conclusions, the National Center of Environmental Health in Munich as a result of lengthy research involving more than three thousand children … —- Consumption of tomatoes – the best prevention of sunburn and wrinkles on the results of new research, eating a pizza with tomato paste can help prevent burning in the sun and the appearance of premature wrinkles. The study authors found that volunteers who received portions of ordinary tomato paste over 12 weeks, the skin eventually turned out to be less susceptible to sunburn … —- The full texts of these and other news you can get on ECOportal.ru and mailing in this release: 297 issue a weekly mailing of environmental ECOportal.ru. Subscribe to our mailing list to this page. ECOportal.ru tags: ECOportal.ru, environment, news, newsletter

Royal Navy

Apparently, they crossed the resulting migration towards the coast near the Uruguayan oil strip width of 30 meters and a length of 20 kilometers. Land pollution is the result of a collision between two commercial ships. When an accident of Greek and Maltese vessel in the ocean has resulted in at least 14 thousand cubic meters of fuel. According to scientists, the number of dead penguins may increase. The country's authorities intend to impose a large fine on the owners, because of ocean pollution that has occurred, resulting in dead birds.

The population of the Magellanic Penguin continues to decline and in our days. Up to 20 dolphins have died off the coast of Cornwall English. According to the Association of British divers, environmentalists, the dolphins are likely to have been thrown ashore in while a strong ebb. Arriving on the scene, rescue workers said they opened their eyes a spectacle it was "just horrible." Five animals have been able to save – the rescuers on the boat had to take them to a safe place and let the sea. The reason for the mass death of dolphins off the coast of Cornwall English teaching could become the Royal Navy.

Autopsy of animals showed no obvious cause of death, so that environmental specialists can talk as long as only hypothetical. At present, ecologists examine whether there were no deaths of dolphins in the area of unusual underwater noise caused by movement of ships or military exercises. At last Week 55 besklyuvyh rare dolphins ashore in Madagascar.