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Startup Procedure

The best option would be gasoline generator capacity 2 kW. If, however, the house is used more sophisticated equipment, plant capacity to better define, together with the specialist. For example, in a cottage set downhole pump (1.5 kW), fridge and tv (0,4 kW) emergency lighting (0.5 kW). We calculate the power generator on the example of plants sdmo (France): 1,5 x3 +0,5 x1, 1 +0,4 x2 = 5,85 kW. Thus, we need a unit capacity of approximately 6 kW.

Accordingly, in a line of Concern sdmo we can get the model hx 6000, sh 6000, sh 6000E or sd 6000E. In developing electrical system should be envisaged to connect the backup installation. There are two options: manual and automatic. In Figure 05 shows a diagram of the switchboard supply. Startup Procedure follows. After the main power generator is activated manually. When it comes to the nominal mode, the user switches the changeover switch and supplies power to the grid of the building.

If you select a scheme with automatic start-up, back up the installation equipped with an automatic starting and switching loads. In this version the user is released from the problems associated with switching of consumers from the main power source and switching them to standby. Eliminates the problem of continuous monitoring of the battery. By installing an electric, the developer must provide protection from noise, as well as to take into account electrical parameters of the unit: rated current, voltage stability and frequency, duration of continuous operation, while maintaining the nominal parameters, etc.