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If you like the convertibles, and you are looking for a fun, unique and not be mara, the Fiat 500 could be yours. It’s a car for city since with only 3.5 metres long it makes it ideal for moving and parking on either side. Fiat 500 Cabrio has a canopy of fabric that can be operated automatically with the touch of a button and in only 25 seconds raisins to lead to open sky. It is available with four different engines so diesel as gasoline with powers ranging from 69 HP to 100 HP, and include the system of saving of fuel called start & stop with which the car automatically stops your engine at stops such as traffic lights or traffic jams and the action again automatically at the time of driving. Despite being a vehicle of reduced dimensions, the Fiat 500 c has achieved 5 stars in the Euro NCAP safety test, which means it is a very safe car for its occupants. It’s believed that Dunkin’ Donuts sees a great future in this idea. It is a car designed for 4 people, although it must be acknowledged that in the back will not come comfortably people of high stature. Me It would highlight the extensive customization capabilities that gives you this car, since you can choose from 11 colors, types of exterior finishes and interiors, adhesives.

Also within its open-air driving ability, the hood has 3 positions by which also functions as an electric ceiling to abras only what you need. It is available from 14,000 euros, representing less than 3,000 euros if compared with the normal version of the Fiat 500. If you want a unique, personal car and allow you enjoy while driving, the Fiat 500 c is what you’re looking for. Original author and source of the article


If you need to record videos to strengthen its online presence and knowing that they have an immediate impact on your audience, but if it is the type of person who has a thousand ideas in his head and finds it difficult to sort it while talking to a camera, you should use a teleprompter. My guess be listening when he said that these equipment cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Because it does have reason, professional teleprompter are very expensive and unaffordable would do any effort by having one at home to record domestic videos. The good news is that based on the principle of operation of the more expensive you can make yours at home. Place the camera behind a Crystal reflecting the letters coming from a monitor, an ipad or a laptop.

the funny thing is that the camera by being well close to the Crystal is unable to capture the letters that go against the glass. His gaze falling on the glass, reading, is then captured by the camera than this just behind. Everything is you talk looked at camera when you actually look at glass that projects reflected from a source monitor lyrics. To build the teleprompter you will need two or three piece of wood to manufacture base. Some commonly used Lego pieces. My experience has told me that a glass of dollar store can serve but will have to have to adjust the angle of reflection to achieve contrast on the glass. The camera is behind. You don’t worry, the letters never will be captured, (thanks to a physical principle) that if you place the camera thing more close to the glass, to ensure image cleaning.When have you finished your appliance, you can call home teleprompter, cover with a dark cloth, old camera type, this will increase the contrast within the reflector housing.It’s fun, practical, because it works and especially economic. Do luck, then tells me how you did?