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The icy winds of winter in the French countryside bring out even more the absence of the beautiful colorful flowers year after year flood valleys and mountains with exquisite perfumes, and as she is (or will) the exception, we all await with excitement. When the last tear of ice disappear with the arrival of spring, the entire city will be reborn in a wonderful picture, full of life and joy. Children coming to play in the parks, veterans smiling (with laughter, always filled with so much experience) to see more first birthday so rare in this world, and girls wanting a more sun set accompanied by his ever-loyal fans and lovers; and finally, what does it? If we enjoy the eternal city of love. Plus, not enough to just imagine. I can not wait to realize the many passionate yearnings of the people of Paris. But only if it is winter. And three months, if not more, are needed to start.

As much as you want I can do all the work, although it has army of one thousand and fauns, none would dare to corrupt the perhaps too strict rules imposed on us to be "happy." But try to see the positive of this saddening subject: Can I take a break from the old "routine of fairies and flowers, and perhaps able to travel outside for a while. I've always wanted to know exactly what things exist beyond the dark forest. What people do to be happy? How is it that whenever you come to visit the woods look so happy? I know! That doubt has always accompanied me …