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At moments as these I feel its lack in a so intense way and I do not obtain to stop to think about what of better it happened in them. At that time when my happiness was the reason of yours. When its joy was the smile more shy than my face expressed. These times where you really if mattered with each tear drained for my face, when I touched with the tips of my fingers each fascinating detail of your body, as was to draw all the beauty for admired me. Perhaps times only remembered, because the souvenirs are the simplest pictures of what for me it remained. nothing that I make will change this frustration, nothing who I say I will make its heart to beat again for mine, nothing will make that time comes back brings and it for your place. He is as if the snow had taken account of everything, suffocating you and killing you on the inside, transforming it into this that I do not know frozen so, so it are of itself as if in all your life I never had participated. without perceiving I have forced smiles, living because air has not lacked begging perhaps so that one day comes back me to the peace. Trying to forget your voice at least as, because my place is to the side yours.