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Types Of Parents

There are many different ways to parent. A nice way for the family. If you are just parents, consider yourself lucky. These parents trust their children to allow them to live their own life. Such Parents often look younger than their age and are interested in hobbies youth. These parents are good that at least does not prevent to develop their children do not fit into their personal lives, leave enough room for freedom and development. This deprived and deeply unhappy people who can not and can not love. Under most conditions Jack Fusco would agree.

For them, the children – it is no more than the age-old problem. They will never embrace, do not kiss, do not tell their children to tender words. They often can be heard: “What we gave birth to you. You spoiled us for life (a). ” Children from such families 2 versions of the future.

They also do not show any life and feelings of suffering that they and their entourage. Or child firm decides for himself that he is all different. Often, children from such families in the future are very loving and caring parents. I probably the best option, parents – teachers. These parents are really engaged in their children. They do not just give them to kindergarten, then school, college. And then throw his hands in disbelief as to why, they say we have no understanding of children. Parents – teachers are genuinely interested their children, communicate with them, approve of any of their choices, by helping to make the right decision. Such parents are a child watching the interests of their children and help them at an early age found his calling. Such parents never tell their child: go to work or study here, because I was young like that, and now you will realize my dreams. These parents will never be manipulated by their children, forcing them to do what the parents see fit.

Evening Tea Party

That such is life. I would like to change a lot in it, but it is not always possible. A pity. It is a pity that all this way. That's the story. Now is annoying rain all day. And yesterday was almost a downpour, but with thunderstorms and a terrible thunder.

And on tomorrow weatherman forecast precisely the same promise as yesterday. Again gets electricity power go out, stop the flow of water through the pipes. Wow, that although the gas thunderstorm and rain do not affect. Nothing, it is familiar, light a candle, sit at the table, we tea with jam grandmother, the year still to eat, and talk to. Daughter talk about matters at school, about girls, about boys. Husband shares his chores at work, will remember something funny, pohohochem from the heart. For the company it oh, how fun to laugh. Over a trifling jest, you can pohohotat like verbal witticisms over artists comedians.

Humor is humor, and he. And the wife will tell anything. It is ridiculous to tell it can, well, not given to her by nature, but still and saying something innocuous, so words can pereinachit, husband to correct, and again will have fun. The faces of all the laughing. It seems that not a candle covers, and themselves in the dark glow. And the eyes joy lit. And the gulls to the site. And the time has come for the jam. Sometimes you want that it would cut off the electricity every night. Washed, ate, tea on the table were collected, snip … and no electricity. Sitting, talking. But every dream, Now fix everything and turn on. My daughter rushes to the computer to a TV husband and wife to the pan. And yet when they give the fate of the case so sit down and talk heart to heart?

Developing Logic

All parents dream that their children have grown-developed, intelligent, educated. In any child with a birth laid abilities that are given to each person by nature. If parents are properly develop them, then the children will be manifest abilities. But there should not be late with the formation of the base of the future gift. Develop their skills a little man or ruin them, depends largely on the education of parents and teachers.

In any child can grow a talent! Children can easily accept new things and soak up any information like a sponge. The human brain does not develop only with age, but when you are working. The task of developing skills Child is not just simply to teach speaking, reading and problem-solving, and to choose the right games, exercises, and in this free fashion games make children's brains to work and develop all the inherent natural abilities, which in the future and will provide an opportunity to quickly find a solution. To do this, like nothing else, suitable logical problems. Logical problems may be on various subjects: math, physics, chemical, children, in memory, with an unusual task, the task to wit, with a hidden trick and a lot of options. The child very important to develop a logical and mental functions: attention, imagination, logical approach to the problem, memory.

All logic puzzles are constructed taking into account all these parameters. Logical problems provide an opportunity to playfully engage with the child, without fear that he is quickly bored. The uniqueness of logical problems is that their decision may involve not only the jobs that are written in the textbooks and to tackle these tasks can be not only on paper. As an auxiliary materials can serve as a match, blocks, rings, rope, cut from cardboard figurines and many other items. Playing with fun in these games, the child is not aware that this is the time involved is very important for myself accumulation of experience in the development of attention, memory, logic, consistency and imagination.

Baby Toys

Let's look at common mistakes that often make loving parents. Error One. Quite often, a child becomes a favorite target for zadarivaniya from parents and relatives. The child acquires a bunch of all kinds of rattles, soft toys. Huge hairy soft toys, which is why it is so fond of giving children okromya perfect uselessness, are a dangerous lesbian. From growing up toy does not flow decreases, on the contrary, the child becomes nowhere to step over toys, through which long ago lost any part of the designers are a puzzle, "Guess whose piece," or placed in drawers, in which sometimes wiped the dust.

Error Two. All the best – to children! Great slogan. But it has a catch – is not always the best idea for us and our children converge. Are you convinced that this educational game is better than a plane, which asks the son of long, but instead of dolls, near which is a daughter for so long, you need to buy a set for creativity? If yes, then act accordingly, but later do not blame the child with ingratitude, and should not be surprised that such a gift was casually taken and hidden away. On the other hand, do not go on about the child, hysterically demanding tenth typewriter or a doll. Encourage your child to the fact that shopping trip destkih toys do not always have to accompanied by a purchase.

Error Three. "She does not like to play with toys" – say the parents. And indeed, a tot lot of toys, but there is no interest to them. Why does this happen? So you just started or you taught this? That play, too, need to be taught. The kid himself would not put puzzles, build houses or blocks of the design – it all this have to teach parents. Imitation – a core skill, which is owned everything kids.

State University

When you have decided that your child has a place to live and what to eat should move to the next point: Who is responsible for the lives and health of your child, in other words, who would you replace on period of change. Vozhatsky composition. It is necessary to know where the camp administration is gathering itself vozhatsky team in several ways. Standard – the most common, the camp concludes agreements with various teacher training colleges to take in their own during the change of student interns and work in the camp of them counted as practice. Counselors can be collected before the change, and may arrive immediately on the first day and start working. In this case, no one can guarantee you, some people will take responsibility for your children. Trainees are different, and even the administration knows who is who just by changing.

Ped units. Ped units – is student organizations at universities of the city, community of enthusiasts who love the profession of counselor and remain faithful to her for a long time. Their level is much higher than that of conventional trainees, as they always do self-education as part of their vocation. Ped units mainly collected in the summer and work on the basis of the camp, who agrees to accept them. With this method of forming the team surprises with pedogagicheskogo unknown counselors smaller, but still can not rule out the possibility. Since some of the ped-teams are going to camp to rest by the friendly company, but such ped-long units do not work. In these units usually ped- have their own websites where you can read about those people who will work with your children. For example a good open source software is "Unison", which is based on the base of St. Petersburg State University matmeh () permanent staff. Sufficiently rare so far way formation vozhatskogo team.


This leads to the formation of low self-esteem and, consequently, to a low level of claims, withdrawal from social activity, a habit to be in a situation of failure. In other words, the child would experience the joy of discovery, but received negative emotions. The child seems to be saying to himself: "Next time I will not climb and help. Again, be denounced. " He puts the pen and quiet. This behavior can parents, in turn, may regarded as very positive, for example, as a sign of good behavior. If a passive, inactive position the child earns praise, then this behavior quickly entrenched.

The child may be in some kind of security under control, and it was good. But the really bad thing is that a child growing up will subconsciously avoid anything that is outside of the cocoon, at risk and unpredictability. A foreign area and are just all the pleasures of life. It's love, acceptance, friendship, personal and professional growth, material well-being and all that gives meaning of human life. But to achieve this total, to disregard the cocoon and jump into the abyss of the dangers inherent in the external environment. Despite all the difficulties, but rather because of them, develop educational, research, creativity, children, and all this! Yet the illusion of internal security and stability would not let many people outside of the shell cocoon. Yes, out there, they like something and they want it, but uncertainty still scary. And parents are Hamlet's choice: "Put up better with a familiar evil hour, eating a strange flight to seek!" So the problem is formulated.

We proceed to answer the question: "What?" But rather "How do" to avoid such deplorable In order to deploy this strategy, it is necessary to act in three ways: 1. Preventive. 2. The development of an understanding with the child.