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Olga Krivtsov

Yesterday in our office came merchant-distributor (I really like the old Russian name for such traders – “Ofen”) alleged medical devices – “proof-functional state.” Another cure-all – treats all (even cancer), using no analogues in the world the method of “energy-adaptometry” (I’m not too lazy to write the tricky name). As I understand it, the starting price of 6500 rubles device, but for 5000 rubles You can make a deal. It turned out that all of our employees seriously warped aura, as well as observed in one sample, and from whom, and block the chakras! To treat this scourge should be given to the device easy to wear bag on the chest or pocket. The “corrector” even has a certificate – it is clear that in our time, money can buy everything. Ofen left and promised to return, giving us time for reflection, because breakdown, especially in the third chakra, deadly. After leaving the merchant, I asked a question about this device to the Internet.

It turned out that the “corrector” is a cheap ceramic insert in the table for a hot mugs that dealers give out for medical device, a cure! What is surprising, many people bought it and now indignant, demanding the money back and punish cheaters. I think that everyone who bought the “corrector”, it should still be (in principle, harm no no) in the hope that suddenly will help, but be not only on the chest and attach required periodically to the head, because must treat it up. Here is the opinion of the expert: – This device is not a medical device destination, – said the oncologist Olga Krivtsov – conventional medicine does not recognize these devices, because their efficacy has not been confirmed. I want to warn people who buy it imposed.