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The Spaniards Us Personnel

It ended the days that the personal assistants were a privilege reserved to some few. With the liberalization of the market of telephone information in 2003, proliferated the number 118, which today provide to any one person that will help you find the information you need, from the most varied topics. According to a study of 11811, three of every four users of telephone information numbers currently believe that to find what you need, it is better and faster to call search Internet. Similarly, 84% considered that these phones, receiving a whole 10 million monthly queries, make you more comfortable life; 95% said that they are the best option when you are in the street and 69%, allowing you to better manage your time. The report of 11811 new information Telefonica, added value on services, companies, institutions and individuals information company, confirms that users value their time over all, and prefer to be specialized professionals who seek the information they need. For the Director of operations of 11811, Marta Diez, the results of the study confirm us that people are aware that, at times, find a fact in the tangle of search engines can always carry much more time than if ask our agents, which have abundant data bases and tools and are much more trained in the search than any other person. And has a lot to see – continues Marta Diez-, with what a few months ago Fernando Trias de Bes described as Windows syndrome, or the inability to achieve encompass multiple tasks with success without the help of third parties. 400,000 calls a day from users looking for the exact data in an immediate way of the almost 400,000 calls as set of information sector receives daily, 62% are queries made by men, and 68% are people aged 25 to 44. The increased activity is recorded during the workday, according to Marta Diez, which confirms that users value much power quickly access the data you seek, and that our service is a perfect complement to locate important information for work and personal life.