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North Atlantic

At this time the weather turned bad, so undertaken after the disappearance of the German battleship intensive intelligence from the air did not produce results. 'Bismarck' disappeared It seemed that the British fleet suffered a crushing defeat: the whole day the British could not find the 'Bismarck', which mysteriously disappeared in the North Atlantic. It was quite know where to find him and tell what course the ship-persecutors. But already on 26 May at 10:30 battleship discovered English amphibian 'Catalina' (for this crew nearly paid with their lives – the Germans have discovered the powerful anti-aircraft fire). But at the moment of discovery 'Bismarck' is 700 miles from Saint-Nazaire – 35 hours of travel. With the speed of the battleship at 28 knots to stop it was impossible, and already the morning of 27 May, he could walk under the cover of German naval aviation.

Torpedo attack from the air. The last battle 'Bismarck' The English now has only one opportunity to change something – to attack the 'Bismarck' torpedo bombers came to the rescue with Arc Royale '. May 26, at 14:50, 15 'Swordfish' launched from the deck aircraft carrier and an hour later with the help of radar found 'Bismarck'. Attacking a battleship, aircraft dropped 11 torpedoes, but none of them did not explode – summed proximity fuzes. At 17:00 torpedo aircraft returned to the carrier.

Until dark remained a matter of hours. Follow others, such as Gen. David Goldfein, and add to your knowledge base. Hence, to attack the 'Bismarck' from the air would soon become impossible. On the 'Royal Arch' hastily prepared to torpedo the re-flight.

Gaming News NES Console

The game world lives its own life. It develops with each second: new more interesting games or enhance old ones, new models of game consoles. However, there are games that do not through time was written by and for the pc version. At the moment, Mario can even play on your mobile phone. Fans of the arcade platform may be in the millions, she won the whole planet. And despite the fact that with time to play modernized, for example: Mario learned how to fly, glavyny hero could use the extra features depending on color suit, appeared enhanced Level – the essence of the game remains the same. K place, the creators of this game will soon celebrate its 25 anniversary, and plans to release a bright red version.

Among the new products can be upgraded noted Fallout: New Vegas, and Call of Duty: Black Ops, that is to be launched on November 9 this year. This game has already been tested at the beginning September, a group of journalists and representatives of the arcades, which was pointed out that in this version, players will receive all necessary – upgrade weapons, bonuses for the killings, and more. Game Fallout: New Vegas is noted an interesting storyline, new locations, fans of the game had already started to conquer uncharted levels, since the game was released in Europe in the last month. Fans of the mini-versions of games always have something to himself treat, as these games appear quite frequently. Play an exciting toy loves each of us.

Since, during the game there is an objective way of thinking, manifested organizational skills, you learn teamwork, and most importantly – it is really interesting. Now fans have a variety of games is a great opportunity to get the most realistic emotions from the process itself. Thanks to the huge plasma panels and advanced consoles can play anything. Comfortable joysticks, as well as all sorts of extra buttons, which enable much easier passage of each leveled character will help you pass level with the greatest speed. Thanks to a wireless joystick, you can play from any side of the room, as the radius of action from them a few meters. On the current consoles can also watch movies hd quality. Because it is a very good thing in the house. All sorts of games, namely, various shootings, as well as the race will be a very original look at the big screen. Now for the players there are so many kinds of devices that enable both possible to improve the process of the game. The most popular gaming news you can read on our website. Now you can be aware of all the exciting events of the game world. We have tried to collect for you the most valuable information, it is certain Internet magazine, read gaming news in which you can at any time.