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Diets For Acid Stomachs

Options without acid fats and assist in the recovery of the stomach You already felt queimao in the stomach or already it was caught to the mumblings because of that bothering pain in the high one of the belly? These are some of the symptoms of the gastrite, that also include nauseas, folloied or not of vomit. Inflammation in the mucosa of the stomach, the gastrite reaches many people whom, when receiving the diagnosis, they need to adopt some alimentary restrictions – and with reason: according to Carla Fiorillo, nutritionist of the Equillibrium Consultoria, who has the inflammation must prevent acid and greasy foods, between them acid fruits (mexerica, orange except rasp, pineapple etc.), vinegar, coffee and frituras. However, nor of restrictions in the diet who only lives has gastrite. It sees which habits are welcome and which foods do not attack its digestive system and still they control the illness – some, also, help to recoup the wound in the wall of the stomach. Lactobacilos – Natural Yoghurt ' ' To times, the gastrite kills the good bacteria of the stomach and, and without them, the fabric not if recupera' ' , the Fernanda nutritionist explains Farm. Therefore, the replacement of the lactobacilos is important to populate the stomach with beneficial bacteria e, thus, for the cure of the gastrite. Lactobacilos is found in yoghurts and, even though, vendidos in dust. A good option is the Natural Yoghurt Caretaker made from the Milk mixture and leavens milky BioRich that contain bifidobactrias and lactobacilos livings creature that help the fabric of the stomach if to recoup.

Caretaker sees as to make Natural Yoghurt. Habits in the table the nutritionist Carla Fiorillo indicates that the five meals per day – with calm are made of four, in few amounts. Another tip, of the nutritionist Andria Ceschin de Avelar, is to eat water big cookies and salt or maisena (nothing of stuffed big cookies, therefore they are very greasy) and fruits in the intervals of the meals, to prevent that the stomach is empty (since, when empty, the gastric juice it will corrode its walls, aggravating the wound).

Gynecological Consultation

The unit also counts on a picture of 60 (sixty) employee distributed in three general physicians, one obstetra, one pediatra, a gynecologist, a dentist, two nurses, a digitizer, a person who carry through the general services, two recepcionistas, an assistant of dental doctor’s office, two nursing technician, one to assist administrative, a person in charge of the rank and forty and five communitarian agents of health. In the unit some atendimentos are carried through as consultation of Prenatal, familiar Planning with the delivery of contraceptive methods, Consultation in Medical Clinic, Odontolgica Consultation, Peditrica Consultation, Gynecological Consultation, Consultation of Hiperdia, Collection of Preventive, Consultation of Nursing, Consultation of Puericultura, Dressing, Withdrawal of Points, Gauging of Par, glicmico Control, Nebulizao, Immunization, Distribution of Medicines, Basic Pharmacy and among others atendimentos given by the unit. Through the diverse developed activities the multiprofessional team that there it gives its service looks for to each day to perfect its to make professional being searched to cure the existing problems and taking care of to all the users of igualitria form. 3. JUSTIFICATION: This project if justifies for the importance of the maternal aleitamento in the life of a child, the complications that can appear in case that the mother does not suckle, being the orientaes of nursing during the prenatal a base for prevention of complications that will be able to intervene with this process. Breast-feeding is the way most efficient to supply the adjusted food the development of a child in the first year of life. It is basic that the gestante understands that breast-feeding does not bring benefits alone for the child, but in a similar way it and for the family. Of this form, if it makes important the performance of the professional of the health in showing of the benefits of the maternal aleitamento since the prenatal one until the purperio.