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We all became clear again how vulnerable we and our environment in truth are. Many are now faced with the question of whether climate change is still reside. The truth is much more that we are already in the climate change and need to seek solutions and strategies to deal with it and create the energy revolution yet. Recently Debbie Staggs sought to clarify these questions. Some Facts on Climate Change * From 1900 – 2000 is the world’s sea level has risen by 18.5 cm * If we continue as before, then the Earth will warm by 2100 by about 3 C (some estimates go up to 5 C!). The result would be the increase in natural disasters and weather extremities.

* By the middle of the century would have 70-80% less per year are emitted by a climate disaster of CO2-dioxides averted. Solar energy as a solution, the experts agree, that lead the way to prevent a climate catastrophe only through the promotion of alternative energy sources can. Especially on the rise in recent years, the Solar energy as an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative. What contribution does a solar active climate protection? With a perfectly set up solar energy system can save 40 per square meter of collector – 55L of oil per year. The average solar panels on roofs in Germany has a size of about 11 square meters. If one million households operate a solar system, this would represent an annual saving 440-605 million liters of oil per year.

That therefore a significant saving in CO2 emissions is accompanied of course. may already own our children’s sake, no one is actually the responsibility withdraw its contribution to environmental protection guaranteed. A solar system not only contributes to climate protection but also saves money. From the current moderate oil price should not be all too much glare, because the resource is limited and is now oil is becoming scarcer by the day. This means in the medium or long-term perspective in any case a rise in prices. The future is therefore very clear the renewable energy and primarily of solar energy.