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Preciosidades What I felt, on the first time where the vi? The same that a child feels, in one morning of Christmas. Later, I do not remember myself. It swims can summarize a word. I collect first editions. The first time that it stows here, I did not give account of the color of the walls. I seated in the soil and I remembered other times, in other places. I collect possible fragmentos of if remembering with alento.

Since dawn, always me it was difficult to discern between the bread and the word. On the first time where the vi, made sun, and were the beginning. I collect things to be collected, but they do not last very. What I felt, on the first time where I heard that music? That it are done pra me, and that would go forever ouviz it. I collect theories.

The job of the certain words depends on the fact of if being waked up for the job of the certain words. That although the agreement does not depend you are welcome. Not even to be in fact words, much less to be certain. At some moment they leave of being. Today I have a cloth chair. She is possible to see the life comfortably, per some instants, seated in a cloth chair. eating bread. choosing gradually the thoughts that are words, the ones that are images, you inform and the ones to them that if become both. It would not know what to explain, of the last time where the vi. They had said me that it did not come back. I remember to have folds the frown, to the search of some word. I collect fast teachings, that had arrived for me of the nothing, toward the nothing had come back, not without before repassing them, despite in inadequate way. They had said me that they would still have little usefulness, in case that thus did not proceed. What I felt the first time where I read it? It swims. Or Ah yes, it finally arrives in house. It was summer, and it had a long way for the front.

Just Breathe

They make a revision of what it was made and of what was for making. What it had beginning, way and end and what was for the half. But and you, what you felt of the life in 2011? Which the feelings that had prevailed in your heart? your emotional balance, resisted the temptation so easily to give up the life and the people? You lived with all intensity in this year? He laughed when he was pra to laugh and he cried pains and the losses? You respected your pain? You obtained to understand that only with the time there pain finds a place inside to rest? The time made or is making your pain to rest? of the people who had been with you in this year: the friendships had fortified who you are, leaving indelveis marks of character, respect, affection and love? Or they had been if diluting to each strange moment, to each word badly said, or that badly it was written, or still, ‘ ‘ friendships lquidas’ ‘ if they had emptied with the time? you, left as everything this? Emptiness? With hurts, distrusts, fears, frustrations? Or you surpassed, or still she is surpassing this eddy of emotions lived in 2011? I do not know I eat I was your year, ‘ ‘ what you earn and what you lose, nobody needs saber’ ‘. But that in 2012 either one year to feel the life, to see the life, to live the life and to use to advantage all more, each time, scarce moments with the essential people for you, with those people who are part of your way, that you make to be who you you are and that she would never have to leave of being. The sun will continue shining, same in your more difficult days, when you not to feel will some to leave the bed if remember that 2011 already passed what it remains daqui in ahead is to go arranging the things in your heart, to go taking care of of the left spaces, to go treating the opened wounds, to go walking, not to the meeting of the happiness, but to go walking made use, tranquilo and night watchman. It goes happy! You must go happy. Perhaps you obtain to go happy Complemented for the video of Wishlist music Pearl Jam and for the video of music Just Breathe Pearl Jam.